As the businesses start to reopen and come back on track, we need to learn more advanced strategies and technology to recover the losses during the lockdown. This won’t be possible until we keep relying on manual reporting methods or legacy software/spreadsheets. To make the move in the market faster and gain a competitive edge sooner, there’s a need to implant reliable Business Intelligent software that can navigate the business through the journey of success. 

If you were planning to switch to smart BI software, or not sure which one to buy, then this is the right time to invest in the best Business Intelligent Software known in the Industry for a while – Tableau BI Software. With in-built artificial intelligence for analysis and various connectors to simply drag and drop the raw data, Tableau BI software is capable of making creative visualizations along with offering meaningful dashboards. 

Not just this, tableau BI software is very much affordable, and Tableau License could be purchased as per month/per user or annually per user subscription also so that even small to medium-sized businesses can afford it. Tableau itself is a self-sufficient application to help you analyze your data faster and smarter. However, to make sure the applications work well; you need to hire the right tableau partner for assistance.

Let’s understand what all specifications you need to know to better select your partner:

  • Keep yourself well Updated with the License pricing

Before you directly purchase the tableau license from a partner, get yourself well updated with tableau license pricing. Below is the list of the various types of licenses available along with their price:

Tableau online

Creator license: $840 annual cost per user

Explorer License: $504 annual cost per user

Viewer License: $180 annual cost per user

Tableau Server

Creator license: $840 annual cost per user

Explorer License: $420 annual cost per user

Viewer License: $144 annual cost per user

Also, there is no hidden cost for connectors as it comes with in-build connectors. 

  • Look for the Services the Partner is Providing

Tableau online platform is itself sufficient and requires absolutely no hardware maintenance as it is hosted on the cloud. However, if you opt for a tableau server – make sure your Tableau partner is well equipped with the skill sets and experience needed to deploy the server at your place. Conduct thorough research on the Tableau partners available near you and settle only after the demo.

Also, the software is self-sufficient and fits all industry needs and requirements. However, if you wish to customize the software as per your needs and specific requirements, ask your partner freely about the same. And it is also important to the services and the consultation tableau partner would provide to the users to smoothly carry out the analysis as and when required.

Not too much to ask for, yet it is always advisable to clear all your doubts in the initial phase of the deployment. As, it is easy to deploy the software and migrate the data from scratch, whereas, it does take a lot of effort to edit the data once the software has been deployed. Thus, make your Decision Wisely.

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