A website is the face of any small or large company. From interacting with your potential customers to boosting your brand awareness, websites are vital for businesses to survive and thrive in this competitive world. However, websites are more than just appealing design and high-quality content. Websites must run and work smoothly 24/7 from any location or device to provide a seamless user experience. 

It is vital for every business to ensure that the website functions well without any outages. Website downtime can disappoint your customers, wreak havoc on your business reputation and eventually result in financial loss. Therefore, it makes sense to learn the reasons that cause website downtime and how to prevent it. However, before we dive deeper, let’s first understand the meaning of website downtime.

An Overview Of Website Downtime

Website downtime is the situation when a user cannot access a particular website. In other words, if a website becomes completely inaccessible or doesn’t perform any task for the user, then this outage period is known as website downtime.

Let’s understand this by considering an example. For instance, if you are streaming a series or movie and the controls stop performing or functioning, that is defined as website downtime. Website downtime is a serious threat to online businesses

Website outages can happen for several reasons. Listed below are some of the reasons responsible for website downtime. So, without further hold, let’s begin. 

Top Reasons For Website Downtime

  • Human Errors

Mistakes are bound to happen in the business world. But some mistakes can be pricey and can take a big toll on business health. And the same rings true for online businesses. 

Humans are accountable for maintaining and managing web servers. A single mistake can result in site outages. For instance, the most common human mistake can be seen in coding.

Long and lengthy code constitutes a single website. This means a single coding error can be fatal. Apart from coding errors, inadequate technical knowledge and poor-quality work all contribute to human errors and can result in website downtime. 


The best way to prevent human errors is by following a few tips.

  • Be more alert and conscious
  • Test and run your code carefully before your website goes live
  • Implement automated AI solutions
  • Keep records of edits 
  • Update your processes and policies regularly 
  • DNS Issues

A domain name server (DNS) is similar to a phonebook that keeps the records of the domain names which can be accessed online.

It contains the domain name and IP address which is essential for potential customers to find your website. However, a single issue with the DNS for instance error in the server name can prevent a website from loading, no matter how perfectly the rest of the infrastructure is working.


If you’re constantly facing DNS issues, it is recommended to upgrade your DNS hosting. This way you will have access to better security features, a faster server, better control over DNS settings, and more. 

  • Hardware Issues

One of the major reasons for website downtime is a problem with a hardware.  Websites are hosted on servers which can be computer software or device vulnerable to failures. The server is important to host or storing your website. A single issue with the server can result in website downtime. 

For instance, one of the major reasons responsible for server issues can be outdated hardware.


With the advent of new technologies, it is easier for companies to choose small upgrades rather than changing the entire hardware. So, the most useful way to prevent hardware problems is by upgrading your server.

The best you can do is work with a reliable hosting provider that offers backup for servers and hardware to keep your website working even if the dedicated server doesn’t work properly.

  • Low-Quality Website Hosting

Yes, having an appealing website and killer content is important to engage your audience. However, nothing matters if you have low-quality and unreliable website hosting. Website hosting is a space to store and keep your website and display its content to the users.

Therefore, it is vital to have superior-quality website hosting to keep your website running and working smoothly. Otherwise, you may experience low SEO rankings, higher customer discontent, and slow page loading times. 


The best bet is to work with a reliable and trustworthy web hosting service provider. A professional hosting company offers the best and most affordable web hosting solutions without breaking the bank. From a technical team of experts to flexible hosting plans, in-depth knowledge, and relevant experience, the company has everything to cater to your web hosting needs. 

Let’s Wrap Up

Apart from the above, there are many more reasons resulting in website downtime. Whatever the reason may be, fix it soon, or else you may have to face significant repercussions for your business. This includes customer loss, damaged brand image, low search engine ranking, financial loss, and many more.

So make sure that your website is available 24/7 round the clock. The best way to avoid all issues and website downtime is by working with BeMoreOnline. It is a reliable and professional web hosting service provider offering the best hosting solutions at budget-friendly prices. Don’t wait for the website outage. 

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