In the year 2019, we have already seen how ecommerce has taken over the retail industry. With our busy lives and hectic schedules, we have become dependent on the gifts that technology has to offer us. Imagine a life without Android and talk back features. Feels scary, right?

Technology is progressing at a rapid pace and is changing our lives for the better. It is also changing the world of business and is giving consumers and enterprises a hope to look forward to some brilliant trends in the coming year 2020.

Wondering what does 2020 have in store for us? Let us take a look at the eight trends which are probably going to make it big in the coming year! .And we provide students of all academic levels with top  quality educational assignments to assist them reach good grades


1.      Blockchain

I am sure that you have heard about Bitcoin. The Block chain technology was actually developed for the virtual currency industry. The technology is not about cryptocurrency anymore. This technology is being used to manage information and making the access to it in a secure way. In 2020 , Block chain will be stealing the show with the technology being used in almost every sector – from bank to hospitals to libraries. It is assumed that the technology can replace intermediaries like brokers, agents, and other middle-men, thus making business processes more secure and cost-effective. According to a survey by IBM, 35% of the world’s banks will adopt the block chain before stepping into 2020 .

2.      Virtual Reality

Offering an immersive experience for the gamers, Virtual Reality is going to be the next big thing in the world of gaming. VR has already been accepted by the masses and news is that virtual reality is going to open new horizons for both the gaming industry and for individual gamers. The games are going to be high-defined, thus making it an excellent experience for gaming freaks all over the world. Even beyond the spectrum of gaming, virtual reality will be used for better human engagement on a daily basis, thus making the VR industry a thing to keep our eyes on.

3.      Augmented Reality

When we say Augmented Reality, what comes to your mind? Sci-fi movies? Well, augmented reality has way more scope in the year 2020 . With a steady improvement of both hardware and software, AR is already set to be a game changer in 2020 . Once expensive, the resources needed for AR has been made accessible to the masses, and we can expect to see some of the most popular companies invest in incorporating features of augmented-reality experiences for the consumers. From healthcare to education, AR is ready to take over several areas and make lives better.Says Frank Smith, the Content Head of brand

4.      Chat-bots

You have heard about Alexa, right? It is Amazon’s very won chatbot. Research on Alexa revealed what 38 per cent of people who used chat-bots on a regular basis had to say and admitted that they could not do without them. So you very well understand that with chat-bots being made more reasonable, the figure is only going to rise in the year 2020 . Chatbots are expected to be used by an enterprise for automated messaging. Most companies have already started to invest in their own consumer-facing bots. Since Chatbots offer a front-end interface, companies can use it to communicate with their customers, thus being able to maintain better customer relations. Most companies are embedding chatbots on their web pages for instant customer support services.

  1. AI and Automation

We have already seen Artificial intelligence (AI) looming large throughout the year 2018, and with more developed machine learning algorithms, automation has a bright future when it comes to defining the future of customer service. Artificial Intelligence is no longer limited to gaming and apps. It has surpassed the norm and is expected to enter our lives through all forms of technology by the end of 2018.

  1. Digital Centralisation

Although quite exorbitant at the moment, smart speakers have already entered many houses over the past decade. But 2018 has seen the advent of smart speakers like Amazon’s Echo and Google Home being used to make our lives easier. From our phones to tablets, digital centralisation has entered all mediums, and we have become increasingly dependent rely on apps to meet the requirements of our day to day lives. For example, fitness gadgets like Fitbits can now keep track of all the aspects of health and motivate you to lead a healthy lifestyle.

  1. 5G preparation

Fifth-generation wireless, more commonly known as 5G, is the latest development in the field of cellular technology that is going to increase the speed and responsiveness of wireless networks significantly.By the end of 2020 , we can expect the introduction of 5G phones that are compatible with a 5G network. If the news is right, then 5G internet has a speed that is ten times faster than that of 4G, thus making 2020  a very opportune year for programmers, developers and engineers.

  1. Internet of Things

Another transformative technological revolution, the internet of things is supposedly going to be a big trend to look out for in 2020 . With IoT becoming more advanced, we can look forward to a comfortable life where we talk wirelessly and get tasks done on command. By the year 2020, it is being said that 50 billion devices will be internet-compatible. Japan has already spoken about how they are working towards becoming a device-rules smart city, and we are sure to see the development of many more smart cities globally. IoT is also set to transform businesses and enhance the quality of social life.

Besides the above mentioned trends, I also think 2020  is going to be a major year for UI. High-end apps and smart speakers will be dominating the market. If everything goes according to the plan, 2020  is going to be a big year for technological advancement. With both software and hardware development and better languages being used to write technological trends, it is sure to open up a vast spectrum from various job opportunities for aspiring programmers, IT engineers and designers. Let’s wait for 2020  to see witness what it has in store for us!

 Author Bio: Being a versed blogger, Frank Smith has found the inspiration in the generation of millennial while creativity connects to your writing. He tries to discover new trends in the world on technological aspects. Love to write blogs endlessly and enlightening others. I develop the skills and mindset to navigate constant change and build resilience. Presently he is part time writer at assignment help firm.

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