As we all know, bad sitting posture attributes to low back pain and low back pain has been the common complaint of most American workers says Hershey Rosen, a business consultant in Montreal. Well, technology has made life easier and this has brought about a change also in helping with the sitting position, interesting, right? These constant complaints resulted in all33 developing a modern tech chair named Axion to help with sitting position. All33 is a tech company, and can also be referred to as a modern health and wellness company. They make use of technology to improve the wellness of people and they invented a model using their technology named “Sit in motion”.

How does the Axion task chair work?

Axion is a chair that every form of technology has been added into to reduce back pain and of course, this will be good for everyone, and our planets. It is a curves shape chair and its ess helps takes out pressure from your sit bones. When sitting on it, your bones are aligned and your back is supported. This tech chair helps to exude energy while working as you can move while you sit. The main part in your body it helps is your pelvis and your entire vertebra colon as it helps them move naturally during your movement on this chair.

Axion is meant for every American who works for hours as it helps to boost better performance during work hours coupled with a great health benefit. As you know, with a good office chair you are comfortable and when you are comfortable, you get to focus. If you want to upgrade your space, especially for those working from home, It is best for home also and for those who want to improve their well-being, their health and the planet. Its contribution to the planet also is a result of the sustainability that was included during its production. At the US factory where it’s been produced, they make use of less than 40% energy coupled with materials that can be recycled, says Hershey Rosen.

The manufacturing of the Axion chair has been moved to the United States and for this reason, the design team has ensured that its manufacturing is well monitored. Its production has been majorly from an integrated streamlined factory that puts in mind the environmental impact it will constitute and this has made them include materials that won’t affect the environment like resins and plastics that are recyclable. From production to shipping, all33 has ensured to reduce lead times for their customers and has also introduced customized fabrics with varying colours.

With the environmental impacts at heart, the production of Axion by all33 made a large investment by incorporating a high technology process by introducing recycled plastics in the bottom of the seat, a plastic machine that only uses about 40% energy and also a robot that cuts fabrics to reduce wastage.

From the above, this is a drawing point for the employees, why is this? This is simply because of its great ventilation system, various training and highly paid wages. The manufacturing of Axion from the raw materials used to its manufacturing and a safe environmental process in the united state has been well planned with American workers at heart.

Our Axion manufacturing began overseas before we planned to move to the United States. Our moving to the United State has helped us reduce our carbon footprint, also it has helped us with delivering quality Axion to all our prospective and current customers. Also, this will help with the creation of new job opportunities in Union City, Tennessee. It will also better the wellness and health of Americans and create easy access to this chair and also reduce the cost of delivering to the United States.

All you need to know about All33

Innovation is the real deal in this era of technology and All33 Company is no exemption. This company uses their innovative skills to create and design products that help with movement and this helps its customers live a life of good health. This company designed their first chair product that helps with sitting posture; this chair can help keep your 33 vertebrae moving. Their mission is to help people who sit for long hours and have constant low back pain due to their sitting posture to be able to move while sitting and this has helped a lot s of people, especially Americans, says Hershey Rosen a business consultant in Montreal.

Who ever knew a chair like this could be designed? A chair that helps with your sitting posture and prevents low back pain, a chair that contributes to the wellness of your being. Working from home, you need an office with great comfort; this chair is everything you need for comfort. And its launching in the United States has brought ease and comfort to those who work long hours. It has been designed according to the shape and curve of your spine and also helps to align your spine perfectly. A chair that allows the movement of your pelvis and your 33 vertebrae is worth investing in, says Hershey Rosen.

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Hershey Rosen is from Montreal, Canada. He has founded successful startups and helped many companies onboard clients quickly and profitably.