biometric data security

How to Improve Security and Safety of Biometric Data

Security of personal data is one of the top concerns of organizations that hold a large volume of PII (Personally Identifiable Information). With tightening...
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How are Digital Business Models Driving Customer Engagements for Insurers?

Digitalization is revolutionizing industries like never before, and it is benefiting not just the businesses but consumers as well. If we talk about the...
hacking tips

How to Learn Ethical Hacking from Basics

Mayur Rele, a cybersecurity geek and cloud automation leader, with extensive experience in overseeing global technology, security, and cloud infrastructure across different verticals provides...

How to Save your Website from Hacking and PC Viruses

You need to know how to save your website from hacking. Many websites are not up to date and cannot be accessed because the...

What is Hacking? Types, Tools and Prevention Explained

What is Hacking?  Hacking is a process in which a person looks for the security holes of a computer to gain unauthorized access. Once a...

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