We live in a world that is dominated by technology, especially gadgets and gizmos.

From an age as early as two, a child becomes accustomed to using the smartphone. My son is 2.5 years old, and he knows how to get to his favorite videos on YouTube and even install an application on my phone.

If I compare this to what I did when I was his age, I become almost embarrassed, as I am sure most of you 90’s kids would be.

My point here is that today’s people are more or less addicted to their gadgets, especially the smartphone and nobody can deny that. Many of us are addicted to social media applications, and then there are people addicted to gaming applications.

PUBG or Player Unknown’s Battle Ground ranks the highest in the addiction meter.

It is a game that was launched just 2 years ago. However, its 200 million player unknowns can make you think otherwise. PUBG has been so far one of the most loved and renowned games in the video game industry, at least the numbers indicate the same.

Games like FIFA and Call of Duty are other big names in the video game dimension.

Real video game fanatics don’t even hesitate to look for borrowing options something like installment loans from direct lenders to buy their Xbox on easy and flexible repayments rather than paying the lump sum. Does this denote their love for the activity? Game? Sport? I am not sure which word is the most appropriate here.

So far, we have established the fact that gaming applications are top-rated in the present times.

Now let us move on to the debate, wherein the proponents of the game, the players basically, honour the activity, while opponents believe it to be a mere nuisance and need to be banned.

Let us begin with the right side.

The Gaming Defendant’s Beliefs

The advocates of the gaming world believe that every video game that has ever been invented has only served mankind in a positive sense, with no harm being done to anyone.

Here are two factors that will support their stance.

  • Enhances Cognitive Skills

This may come as a surprise to many. Playing on gaming apps does enhance the cognitive skills of the player.

Have you played around in PUBG?

If you have, you would know that you have to be vigilant and take decisions in seconds continually, or you would never be able to win.

It helps the player in multiple ways.

  • It builds his analogy, the ability of comprehension.
  • It allows him to make decisions more accurately and concisely.
  • It improves his processing speed to a level much higher than the average human.
  • It also helps the player to achieve advanced levels of deductive reasoning.

All of these lead to better and enhanced cognitive skills by playing a few rounds of video games. It seems strange, but it is true.

  • Builds the Gamers’ Career

Many players play video games to get a break from work. The gaming apps are a sure-shot way of eliminating boredom.

However, the gaming apps can do much more for you than just the provide relief from boredom.

If you are good at gaming, you can build your career around it.

One way to do it is through live streaming on YouTube. There are so many YouTubers who have earned thousands and thousands of pounds through streaming their plays and letting the amateur players know how the game should be played.

Anthony Kongphan is one such example, he is one of the most noted PUBG streamers, and his followers make up a substantial number.

Then there is Loki, who is making the most money through playing the same game, PUBG. His estimated income is close to 750,000 USD.

I bet now you don’t think that there is anything wrong with PUBG or video games in general.

The Gaming Prosecutor’s Standpoint

The opponents of the gaming applications believe that video games that nothing short of waste, and there are so many better things to do in life to make up for the nuisance they have already caused.

There two reasons that seem to justify their point reasonably.

  • Wastage of Time

Whenever our parents and teachers told us not to play video games, the first reason they quoted was that video games tend to be sheer wastage of time.

And it is somewhat true.

An average game of PUBG lasts for about half an hour to close to an hour. And there is a high plausibility that you would not have play one round.

So, you have spent about two to three hours on a game that might not be as productive as your time spent with your family or just working at your day job.

This number is real for people who are fanatics of the game. An average gamer spends at least seven to nine hours a week on video games. That is still a substantial number.

Imagine if you worked out at the gym or just went for a run for that amount of time, you will probably become the epitome of fitness.

  • Lack of Social Skills

Have you ever heard the word nerd?

It is a noun used for someone who lacks social skills. The famous Hollywood movie, Dumb and Dumber, starring Jim Carrey, had him play the role of a nerd.

Now, I am not that being a nerd is inappropriate.

I am an introvert myself, I do awkward in large crowds, or when I am with people, I do not know. I blame my awkwardness on two reasons,

One is my innate personality;

Second is being a blogger, I work on a computer all day and interact minimally with people.

So, when I have to do that, I am out of the comfort zone and awkwardness is the result.

Now can you relate the same scenario with a gamer? I think, yes, you can. So you know why they do not possess the right social skills, right as per the society’s standard at least.

Winding Up

So, there you have it. I have given you both sides of the contentious issue of the gaming apps.

If you asked me, I would personally not be able to take a side. I feel that there is no harm or benefit in playing the simple Candy Crush on the phone. I do it whenever I travel, but when I play it in front of my parents, I know it would not be appreciated. They are not the right audience for that kind of app.

You might think differently, and that is fine, it is up to you to decide whether the gaming apps are a menace.

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