Smartphones have multiple features in them. The most important thing that has to be done or on the basis is to recharge the mobile phone. After a certain time, you will notice that you are losing battery power. You can charge the battery of your smartphone to a hundred percent of maximum capacity.

You must look for the issue if your phone won’t charge. Your phone may not be able to charge for a variety of reasons. There can be many reasons why your mobile phone is not able to charge. Whereas always figure out the problem before you sell an old mobile phone online:-

Tips to Fix Phone that won’t Charge

  • Check if the charging port is clean

We carry our devices to different places to work the day. There are high chances that there is some dust or dirt talk any other charging port. You will see that because of some obstacles in the charging port, you are unable to charge it. However, you must be aware of it as it is a normal thing to happen. You can simply clean it with a cloth.

But also be aware as you do not want to get some cloth or paper stuck inside the fort. You could just blow some air in it from a distance to clear any upper side of dust. However, there is special equipment available in the market which will help you to clean the charging board with care. You can buy those and follow a cleaning routine for your mobile phone.

  • Check if there are any issues in your charging adapter or chord

Another reason could be that you are having some issues with the charging cord or the adapter itself. The adapter is the main source from which power is grabbed and passed through the cord and reaches the device. However, if there is some issue with the charging cord or adapter, you will not be able to charge your device.

It might be hard for you to figure out if there is some issue with the charger itself. But you could simply try switching the charger and seeing if your phone can charge with it. However, whenever you buy a new charger keep in mind that you have to buy the original one. If you want to save a little cost and why artificial, you will spoil it. Artificial charges can ruin mobile phones.

  • Restart your device

Restarting a device is a simple form of first aid for your mobile phone. Whenever something happens to a mobile phone we tend to switch it off and restart it. This process gives the mobile phone a little time to take its rest and process back everything together. However, it might not seem to work every time but yet trying is the best part. You could simply switch off the mobile phone and let it be for some minutes. You might try to restart it after that I am connected to the charging source to see if it’s charging now.

  • Change the charging spot

You might be stuck to the same charging spot in your home. The comfortable spot where you can just charge your phone and chill might never change. However, you could try some other spots at your home if your phone is unable to charge. There might be some issues in the charging source excel as there is no power being supplied. It would plug in your charger to other sockets of your home or office to check if it is working. You could also try Plugging it with some extension to be sure that the charging adapter is properly inserted into the socket.

  • Contact a phone repair service

If You’re still not able to figure out the problem with your mobile phone, this is your only option. You could contact a mobile repair shop so that they will be able to figure out the problem. You will have to do this as soon as possible or your battery health could be great. However, once you are unable to charge a mobile phone you will run to the store. Before that, you can also try other sources such as wireless charging if you have one. However, the repair service store will always be able to figure out what is wrong with a mobile phone. Contact your nearest Centre to fix your handset.


The battery of the mobile phone must be having the best power capacity but yet it might face some drain. Drainage of the battery in a shorter time is the most evident sign of degradation. That is why it is important to maintain battery health by having a proper charging routine. Switching to other chargers with only original ones is also necessary.

Instead of trying to fix it via on and wasting time you could always run to a professional place. Another important part that you might want to look at is the software update. If You Are still on an older version, you are facing some issues. Upgrade to the newest software available and see if the problem goes away.

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