Technology is rapidly advancing every day, and now the time has come for each device. To serve multiple purposes and be more powerful and convenient with each new update. These ten gadgets will make your life a lot easier and help you use your time more efficiently throughout the day. You can save money by never having to buy another appliance again. And you will find that these tools are very easy to use, with most of them being wirelessly charged with ease!

Here is a list of 10 amazing gadgets that will make your life easier:

1) Hovering Camera Drone (Hubsan X4 H107C)

You can capture professional-quality aerial shots with this small yet powerful drone camera. The Hubsan X4 H107C comes equipped with a built-in camera that shoots high-definition pictures and videos from above – no matter where you are! With a flight time of about 7 minutes per charge, the Hubsan X4 reaches altitudes up to 30 m/100 ft and features 4 LED indicators on the body so you can keep of it mid-flight.

2) Wifi Smart Power Strip (clever IC-BS08)

This wifi-enabled power strip is equipped with four smart AC outlets and 4 USB charging ports that you can control through your smartphone, letting you turn the entire strip or each outlet on or off from anywhere in the world! You can also use the built-in energy meter to monitor how much power you’re using and schedule on/off times for hassle-free electricity bill management.

3) Wheeled Backpack (Giantex 4-Wheeled Luggage)

This giant rolling suitcase features four wheels instead of 2, making it super easy to maneuver and move around – especially on uneven surfaces or stairs! You can also roll it along as a regular suitcase when you’re not going through crowds at the airport. There will  TSA-approve lock built into this piece of luggage so you can feel safe knowing you belong will protect you from theft during travel.

4) 3-in-1 Multifunction Watch (SIXTEEN F6)

It may well be the most versatile watch you’ll ever see. Features three analog clocks for different time zones, LED screen mode that lights up. When you press a button on the side, five-alarm settings. That will activate touch any clock face, an EL backlight system, calendar, and date display sub-dials, stopwatch function with split memory storage, totally customizable looks with interchangeable links/bracelets/straps…the list goes on! This sleek multifunctional watch can even connect to your smartphone, so it will vibrate when you have incoming calls or texts – perfect if you’re in a noisy area!

5) Smartphone Camera Lens (ALM Universal Smartphone Camera Lens)

This affordable yet powerful universal smartphone camera lens kit is compatible with: iPhone, Samsung, HTC, and other major smartphone brands. It includes a fisheye lens, wide-angle lens, and an HD macro lens – clip it to your device via the magnetic ring and start snapping! The magnetic ring ensures easy installation without any additional cases or accessories needed.

6) Pod Coffee Maker (Hario Drip Pot Mini White/Silver)

If you’re looking for a way to enjoy delicious single-serve coffee at home daily, the Hario drip pot is just what you need. Place loose grounds in the filter and pour hot water over them – no electricity required! This compact little coffee maker is easy to clean, and the handle ensures you won’t burn your hands during use.

7) Wireless Mouse (Redragon M601)

This ultra-smooth wireless mouse has a plug-and-play receiver for a fast, effortless setup. It offers two adjustable DPI settings to control cursor speed with just one button and features six programmable buttons. For macros/profile setting changes in games or other applications. Thanks to its textured rubber grips, you’ll also have no problems using this mouse on smooth surfaces!

8) Smart Watch (Amazfit Pace)

The Amazfit Pace smartwatch is an awesome piece of wearable technology that delivers great performance at a very affordable price. An amazing feature you won’t find anywhere else is the built-in GPS. That lets you track your speed, pace, stride length, and distance. While allowing you to listen to music without having to lug around your phone!

9) Wifi Router (TP-LINK TL-WR940N)

This wifi-enabled wireless access point/router is perfect for small businesses. Or people who need a reliable way to increase their home/office wireless range. It features 4 LAN ports to hook up multiple devices simultaneously, has three external antennas. For better signal transmission, and it’s easy to set up with the Tether app on iOS/Android devices.

10) Smart Power Strip (Smart Power Strip Surge Protector)

This power strip has four electrical outlets and 2 USB ports, each with its own on/off switch so you can control power to individual appliances. It also comes with an app that lets you monitor energy flow. Turn your devices on or off remotely via Bluetooth and access current wattage readings for each power socket at any time.


With so many awesome technological advancements being made every day. There’s no denying the future will be a curious and exciting place. The gadgets on this list have been carefully selected. To help you make your daily life easier, whether it’s for work, school, or simply just lounging around at home!

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