Apple needs no introduction. It is one of the well-known tech giants and valuable companies dealing with superior-quality products like iPhones, watches, iPads, and many more. Recently, Apple has launched a new update iOS 16.2 that comes with a lot of features. This includes the Freeform app, Apple music sing, advanced data protection, and redesigned lock screen to name a few. There is a lot more than that.

Herein, we have shared a list of features of iOS 16.2 that may blow your mind. Let’s get started.

Features Of iOS 16.2

1. Freeform App

iOS 16.2 releases the Freeform app that can help you work and collaborate with your buddies or coworkers on your device. Moreover, it offers you the flexibility to insert files, stickers, images, and a lot more. You can even use your fingers to sketch on the canvas.

From drawing to sketching, and penning down important information, the Freeform app offers a creative space to work on.

2. Apple Music Sing

It is one of the best features perfect for music lovers and Apple music subscribers. Apple Music Sing is a karaoke feature that helps users sing their favorite song using song lyrics. With Apple Music Sing, you can adjust vocals, change the volume of the original vocalist, sing using real-time lyrics, and enjoy many other features.

3. High Data Security

iOS 16.2 offers maximum protection and security to your data on iCloud‌. It makes your data end-to-end encrypted so you need not worry about data breaches. From messages to photos, notes, voice messages, reminders, and bookmarks, it can encrypt any data on your iCloud.

Every data on iCloud is safe and protected. However, there are a few exceptions like mail, contacts, and calendar.

4. Redesigned Lock Screen

iOS 16.2 comes with a new and redesigned lock screen. It has two different widgets.

  • Sleep widget: This enables users to see their recent sleep information. It draws data from your sleep-tracking device and provides users with sleep data that includes time spent in bed and sleep quality.
  • Medication widget: This helps you take your medicines on time. In other words, it helps you schedule your medication so that you can stay ahead of your health.

5. Game Center

Game Center comes with SharePlay which allows users to play games with their nears and dears while enjoying a FaceTime call.

It also comes with an Activity Widget that enables you to see what your friends are playing and how well they are performing from the Home Screen.

6. TV App

One of the best features of iOS 16.2 is that it comes with a TV app. Now you can enjoy the live activities on your lock screen. Moreover, you can follow the sports team of your choice with live scores. It is easy to track games in real-time with this app.

7. Home App Feature

The home app ensures smooth and hassle-free communication between your device and smart home accessories.

The app ensures faster and more efficient performance in smart homes with many smart accessories.

However, it is important that every smart home accessory is compatible with iOS 16.2, iPadOS 16.2, ‌macOS Ventura‌ 13.1, tvOS 16.2, and watchOS 9.2 updates, along with the HomePod 16.2 software.

8. AirDrop Restrictions

Earlier AirDrop was open to every Apple user. However, with iOS 16.2, AirDrop comes with some restrictions and is confined to your contacts only by default.

You can choose to open AirDrop for everyone. However, just after 10 minutes, it will return back to contacts only.

Other Noteworthy Improvements

  • You can search in messages and find photos using tags like person, text, or animal.
  • iCloud private relay users can disable a particular website in Safari temporarily by using reload & show IP address settings.
  • Get information related to the weather of your location.
  • You can see live indications when others make changes in a shared note using Participant Cursors in Notes.
  • iOS 16.2 supports 5G.
  • You can even opt for the option “Prefer Silent Responses”. This will let Siri‌ confirm requests on-device rather than being too loud.
  • The update comes with a new shortcut for Battery Status that will let you know about the battery level, if it is charging, and whether or not it is connected to any charger.

In The End…

That’s all about the features of iOS 16.2. In case we have missed any important information, do comment below.

What are you waiting for? Upgrade your device right now and enjoy new features and get rid of all bugs. We hope you like the article. For more updates and information on the latest technologies and techs, stay connected with My Gen Tec. We provide the best tech information across the globe.

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