Have you ever wondered how the military gets classified information without going to the enemy’s camp? Or how did the aviation industry first train their new rookies on flying aircraft? Look no further, the answer lies in RC drones. Military men can use drones to snoop around enemy areas or restricted areas without detection. Aviation schools use drones to simulate real flights to teach their students. If they trained new students that don’t know how to fly with real aircraft, accidents might occur. In the worst-case scenarios, lives may be lost. Hence, an RC drone is a teaching tool and a lifesaver.

What is an RC drone?

An RC drone is a popular brand of drone that is remotely used to control aircraft by the user. RC drones are fun to use and engaging.

Drones are miniature aircraft that are flown without a pilot or copilot. Drones are controlled by remote controls or controllers. A drone is also called UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles). A drone is used to perform many tasks depending on the user’s needs. Furthermore, it comes in different sizes; a drone can be small or big.

An RC Drone is unmanned and it comes in different types. There are RC drones made for recreational purposes, professional purposes, instructional purposes, and so on. 

RC drones are controlled either with a remote or are automated to fly by themselves. An automated RC drone has been programmed with automated flight software. This software makes use of GPS, sensors, and Artificial Intelligence to automatically control the flight.

In the past, drones were mostly used in the military. Military personnel use them to simulate flights and air fights and gather military intelligence. In some rare cases, some military groups use drones as weapons to attack their enemies. However, drones do not belong solely to the military nowadays. Thousands of civilians own drones unlike in the past when it was expensive to buy drones for personal use.

Non-military individuals make use of drones for the following reasons:

  • To monitor traffic and weather
  • To search and rescue operations
  • To help in firefighting operations
  • For personal activities
  • To capture images and make videos of places only drones or planes can reach.
  • For agricultural purposes like monitoring cattle, and sheep movements.
  • Monitor wildlife
  • Emergency response
  • To deliver parcels and other things.

Workings of An RC Drone

An RC drone is used for flying and navigating an area.

When it comes to flying, drones should be powered by fuel or batteries. A drone has rotor blades and propellers. Similarly, all drones have frames that are light in weight and built with composite materials. These light materials make the drone light and make it easy to maneuver the drone.

Drones are controlled by controllers to facilitate the launching, navigation, and landing of drones. The controllers transmit information to the drone, and vice versa through electromagnetic waves.

Parts of A Drone

A drone consists of:

  • All types of sensors. Some of the sensors are made to stabilize and orient the drone and detect heat. Some are made to detect the time the drone is flying. Others are created for the visual representation of images captured and detecting barriers on the flight route to prevent a collision.
  • High definition camera(s) to capture aimages, stills, and videos.
  • A device that controls its direction.
  • Batteries to power the drone
  • A device that controls speed, is called an accelerometer.
  • A device that controls its flight.
  • A navigation system can be found at the front of the drone. The system transmits the accurate position of the drone to the controllers.
  • Antennas
  • Receivers
  • A gyroscope
  • Measuring devices like the altimeter. Altimeters are used to calculate the altitude the drone has flown to.
  • Storage space for storing data like images, videos, and many more.

Classification of RC Drones In The Market

Classification according to the number of rotors the drone has

We have:

  • A multiple rotor drone: This is a drone that has more than one rotor.
  • A single rotor drone: This is a drone that has only one rotor.

Classification according to the number of wings the drone has

We have:

  • A fixed wing drone
  • Non fixed wing drone

Classification According to Use

  • Drones made for military use: These are used during military training and on military bases.
  • The drone made for civilian use: This can be classified into:
    • Personal Drones
    • Commercial Drones
    • Professional Drones

A Personal Drone: A personal drone is created for the personal use of civilians. People who buy personal RCs are those who want to use them for recreational purposes. These drones are characterized by their lightweights.

Those interested in this type of drone can get them online or visit RC shops to buy one.

A Commercial Drone: This type of drone is made for business purposes. These drones are characterized by their heavyweights, strong bodies, and reliable features. Big airline firms use these drones for flight simulations. In addition, they are used in the launching and recovery sections of the firms.

A Professional Drone: These are drones used by professionals to aid their work. Professionals that use drones in their works are:

  • Surveyors
  • Pilots
  • Journalists
  • Farmers
  • Firefighters
  • Emergency rescuers
  • Healthcare workers, especially those that work in remote places.
  • Wildlife or park rangers

Applications of RC Drones

In the Agricultural Sector: Farmers use drones to calculate and record how high their plants are. The farmers use the drone’s sensors to illuminate the field of crops they want to check out. Instead of the farmers checking out their crops one by one, drones do the job quickly and easily. This saves the time and effort of the farmers, which they can use to do something else.

Drones are useful in the agricultural sector because they facilitate farming.

In Biology: Biologists use RC drones to survey dense vegetation to detect living organisms. They also use drones to survey an area that is too risky for human beings to enter. Furthermore, Biologists use drones to check the atmospheric and water conditions of an area.

In Surveying: Land surveyors use drones to measure the length and breadth of the land. They are also used to conduct surveys on land areas to avoid land disputes in the future. The drone accurately surveys, calculates, and records the land.

In the Entertainment Sector: TV stations use drones to cover and televise events that involve a large crowd. The drones cover events like football matches, award ceremonies, live training, competitions, musical shows, and so on. Without drones, it would have been hard for TV stations to cover the events.

Is an RC Drone Equipped with A Camera?

Yes, an RC drone comes with a camera. RC drone with camera that is high-definition and can capture images or record videos. After capturing the images or recording the videos, the drone saves the data into an available storage space.

Can You Use a Remote Control To Operate A Drone?

Gone are the days when things were operated manually, everything is now automated. You can use a remote to control a drone within a specific distance. The remote controls the drone. Likewise, the person who holds the remote control is the one who controls the drone.

However, you must be careful that the remote control doesn’t fall into the hands of someone with bad intentions.

This is because drones are powerful weapons that can destroy or enrich lives depending on the user’s intention.

To sum up

We hope our readers can choose RC drones due to their excellent quality and high-tech features.

A note of warning though, if you want to buy a drone for personal use, go for an RC personal drone. Never buy military drones as a civilian because that is against the law.

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