Have termite infestation at home? The termite infestation is one of the most destructive pest infestations known to man. The termite-infected house is often seen as a bad omen and most people avoid it completely. They usually start by getting into the wooden structure unchecked thus, making it hard for others to notice their activity. Slowly and silently they eat away at the house from within and until people find their house infected it becomes too late.

The termites are known to nibble at wooden and concrete structures as they proceed deeper into any place. Not taking any solid steps towards curbing their growth can lead to severe structural damages. To date there are no reports for termites to cause health issues in humans but what about causing damage to the structure? After all who can witness the downfall of their expensive and beloved items.

One can treat the termite infestation at home in two ways: they can either call a pest control service or apply natural remedies to treat one. Natural remedies involve getting easily found ingredients in such a way that will help in eradicating termite infestation from the premises clearly. You can either use them too before the pest treatment or after one. Even though a pest control company is best to deal with such an infestation but natural remedies are also said to be quite effective in dealing with these kinds of infestations on a small scale. Want to know more then have a read.

Natural Remedies for Termite Infestation


Termites, for some reason, dislike the smell of vinegar. Even if vinegar is often used in different preparations, they are used widely in keeping the pests away. It is one natural ingredient that has been a part of several preparations and on different occasions to prevent pest infestation. The same is true for the termite infestation as well. They are not just good for the weight loss program and keeping the items clean, but also to deal with the pests.

Vinegar can be used to prevent termite infestation in wooden furniture. A preparation involving juice of two lemons and half a cup of vinegar. Mix them well and spray this termite killer wherever you decide. A spray bottle will do good. The acidic solution is known to remove the termites from the area.

Sodium Borate

Borax powder or sodium borate have often run into the common household. They are widely used in Indian households whether it is for cleaning the clothes or keeping the area pest-free. If you are planning to use borax powder to deal with a termite infestation in the best possible way, then all you need to do is sprinkle some on the affected area directly. Ensure that they hit these creatures directly or they may not work their magic at all.

Several people mix it with the water to prepare a solution that can work on these pests quickly. Another point to remember while using it is that to reapply it again and again. It is after regular use will you start seeing outstanding results. This way you can take care of the entire termite colony without spending much on the remedy.

Orange Oil

Now, you will know that vitamin C is not good for everyone. It may be delectable to us humans but it is a completely different story for the termites. We are not here to talk about the oranges but the orange oil or the d-limonene which is quite deadly for the pests. Usually available in garden stores, and e-commerce sites, orange oil makes a great pest exterminator.

It is extracted from the orange peel thus making it environment-friendly stuff. This is something that makes it a great product for controlling the termite infestation at home. Most people use it too because they don’t smell half as bad as other alternatives available in the market. If you are curious how this affects the termites so badly, then here is the answer.

Unlike us humans, d-limonene is said to have a corrosive effect on pests. This compound dissolves the moisture and protein present on the exoskeleton of the pests thus, killing them instantly. Spraying this oil on the organisms directly kills these troublesome pests immediately. Keep reapplying them on the termite infected area until you find none of them left.


The most common thing of all to tackle the termites is to expose the items to sunlight. The termites have a very sensitive outer layer to which UV rays are very harmful. As and when you expose them to the sunlight, they die immediately. So, if you have any items that are infested with termites, then it will be best to put them under the sunlight.

In case that is not possible, then you can bring the UV lamp to focus on the termite affected area. this will take care of the termite problem immediately without costing you much.

Top Preventive Measures

Termite infestation is something that most of us want to avoid knowingly or unknowingly. If you want to keep these nuisances out, then it is required that you set the preventive measures along the perimeter. Keeping the moisture outdoors will help in dealing with the termites.

They are usually attracted to cellulose and water. keep these two things away and you will successfully prevent them from getting in. moreover, no matter how many natural remedies you try, in front of severe infestation, they will all fail. To avoid such grave situations completely, and secure the perimeter try to involve experts in the list.

Before you plan to shift into a new place, try to bring a pest control team for inspection. They will check the place thoroughly and then prescribe a solution for the property. If you are okay with it then go ahead.

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