Graphics are the foremost picture of your audience’s view. Usually, websites use motion graphics only on Instagram posts or Facebook posts. Using them on a website can significantly increase your site’s loading time. 

Website management is a lengthy and time-consuming responsibility. Whether a business manages its department or outsources, the hassle is similar. However, the only ease is that the agency itself is taking the basic and petty decisions. 

The primary task that website maintenance and marketing agencies perform is content marketing. Content marketing is a widespread field. Just as there is a crucial need for social media marketing for every business, this is too.

The basic reason content is such a hassle for most firms is that it has to be regular. Every business has to update its website and log new content like a social media influencer daily! On the other hand, motion graphics are also important but are more of a choice. 

Choosing a unique and cool feature for your website’s homepage is hard. Many businesses often change the look of their home pages because of bad engagement metrics. However, many businesses use motion graphics on home pages if the back-end is strong and smooth enough. 

After all, if the target audience can not view the home page in time, they will exit the site immediately! Moreover, it can deprive viewers of the excellent sales offer you advertised on the main page!

Tips For Content Marketing

Content marketing is not as easy as it sounds. Many brands just think of it as a post. But it’s much more than that. Your blog posts are a means of indirectly promoting products. Websites for home appliance businesses write articles about tips and tricks to overcome certain problems. 

For instance, how to clean wooden furniture or the advantages of a pressure washer. This way, they are also an informational blogger while selling appliances. 

  • Effective content

The content niches should perfectly align with your brand. Some brands give web pages a good theme, logo, and accurate colors to paint a brand image. 

Remember, while blogging is an informational website, the brand has to keep its identity intact. 

Your content marketing says a lot about your website and brand. However, it goes much deeper than that. Choose the right content mix for your website. This content mix should be intact on your social media handles and pages elsewhere. 

Since facebook businesses are not much of a trend now, we talk mostly of Instagram.For instance. If your website shows new ‘end-of-season’ sales for the audiences, your Instagram should do too. This is because your audience can’t miss an update! 

  • Post often

Imagine you view an advertisement for a snack and decide to buy it the next time you go to the store. Now, if that advertisement has constantly passed your screen, you will remember it more clearly. This is a key part of marketing. 

If not, you might forget the name or the advert completely. Therefore, we suggest that you should make regular blog posts. Your SEO ranking can decrease if you make one post in a week or two. 

E-commerce businesses where online presence is mandatory are the only ones who post most often. But even on-site businesses with physical outlets should do this. Moreover, outsourcing content marketing isn’t a bad idea. 

In fact, since writing content is not something your brand might specialize in, you can take the help of any software firm. Just make sure that the package you get is nice. 

  • Readability

Readability is the key factor that determines a website’s SEO ranking. Your brand’s website is more likely to appear on the top with a good Flesch-Kincaid readability score. This score tells you how complex or ‘hard-to-read’ your articles are. 

If you get a bad score here, it is most likely that your readers will close your article. There are many ways you can improve readability in your articles. 

Firstly, hire professional SEO writers who know how your website’s ranking is to improve. Not only does your brand need content, but an effective content marketing mix! 

  • Using the Right Tools

Tools are essential for small businesses that can not hire website maintenance services. Security and features like engagement metrics, readability checks, and plagiarism are some regular needs of a website. Your website should go under regular security checks. 

If you are not utilizing these resources before publishing your content, you lack SEO. Search engine optimization techniques modify your content marketing and make your brand look more professional. 

Premiums are good when it comes to readability sites, Grammarly, and some other tools. However, not every tool or app deserves your attention. Therefore, whether you are buying small packages or using the free part, use them right. 

Thus make sure you know what you’re signing up for. This tip is more strict for small businesses because they don’t have the expertise as to which tools are worth it. 

Tips For Motion Graphics 

Animation and moving graphics have become the new normal. However, some say that it has become too mainstream. The truth is if one knows where to use it and where not, nothing is too mainstream in E-commerce. One of the golden rules of video production services is placement. 

And that is exactly where we will start! So scroll below to know more. 

  • Placement Is Key

Whether it’s a small wiggle in your website’s ‘shop now’ button or motion graphics, the animation is everywhere. Not knowing where to place your graphics is a common issue with brands. 

One key reason is that most graphic designers are self-taught and don’t play by the rules. Now, although creativity has no bounds, there are certain rules in eCommerce. Breaking these rules can lower a website’s visitors and reach. 

You should place animation or heavy graphics on the home page. While minor movements in buttons or sidebars are fine, graphics increase a page’s loading time. Moreover, placing motion graphics is not just about the loading time but also where it looks best. 

Your users don’t expect fancy animations right at the front. At first, make them interested in knowing more and convey brand identity. At the home page stage, you should advertise key offers and catchy products that make the user stay. 

Next, you can include some animation on the product page. Your site’s “About Us” section is not where graphics would increase engagement. 

  • Don’t Be Irritating Or Unpredictable.

Users don’t like graphics or features that come as a shock. You should surprise them, and they should have fun watching your page. 

Your graphics should be sober and balanced. Most importantly, they should match the theme of your brand. However, being fun and being unpredictable are different things. 

  • Loading Time

You shouldn’t focus too much on loading time and make a simple website with effects. However, the fact that loading time has a big impact can’t be ignored. Our advice is to put heavy graphics in the internal sections. 

Pages where users visit most often but that aren’t the front pages. Other than loading time, check if the motion graphics you use can easily convert to mobile phone screens. After all, your designs are no good if mobile/tablet users can’t access them. 


These are some useful tips for content marketing and motion graphics. Make sure to follow these basic steps to build a long-lasting strategy!

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Charles Maynes is a professional writer with a bachelor's in website maintenance and eCommerce. His degree and experience have made him an SEO expert. He has been an SEO writer for the past 7 years and is proficient with his work. Thus, he also works now with web design and development firms. Charles is passionate about writing, managing eCommerce websites, and helping them with the creative part of the projects. He can help with UI design and promotional graphics content like working on illustrator and minor vector graphics. Time management and diversification are her key skills.