YouTube Videos to MP4 Converter


YouTube is a widely popular video-sharing platform with millions of daily uploads and views. Although users can watch videos online, there are instances where offline viewing is preferable. Thankfully, there are several YouTube to MP4 converters available online that can help. In this article, we’ll explore the various methods for converting YouTube videos to the MP4 format. Additionally, we’ll cover the benefits of utilizing MP4 files and highlight some of the best YouTube to MP4 converters currently available.

What is MP4 format?

It’s just an abbreviation for MPEG-4 Part 14, which is a type of digital container for storing music and video stuff. It’s really popular for online streaming and downloading ’cause it’s small and the quality is sick. You can watch MP4 files on basically any device out there – phones, tablets, laptops, PCs – you name it!

Why convert Youtube videos to MP4?

Exporting YouTube videos to MP4 format is a terrific way to enjoy your favorite material while you’re not connected to the internet. You can watch the video without an internet connection using MP4 files.

The MP4 format is also compatible with a wide range of devices and media players, giving you more options for viewing or sharing the content. Furthermore, it’s typically easier to store multiple files in the form of MP4s than streaming them from YouTube continuously. If you need to save some storage space or just want to have ready access to your videos wherever you go, converting YouTube videos into MP4 is a great solution!

How to convert YouTube to MP4?

If you’re looking to take your YouTube favs on the go, or just wanna save some funny clips for later, converting them to MP4 format is the way to go. We’ll show you how in minutes! First off, you’ll need a reliable YouTube-to-MP4 converter – there are plenty of free sites and services that can help ya out.

Online Converters

There are several online converters available, but some of the best ones include Convertio, and ClipConverter.

  • Convertio is easy to use and supports video files up to 100MB.
  • ClipConverter is flexible and can convert between various video formats, including MP4, AVI, and WMV. It also allows you to download and convert videos from other popular video-sharing sites such as Vimeo and Dailymotion.

Browser Extensions

You can convert YouTube videos to MP4 without leaving the YouTube website by using a browser plugin. Just add the extension and hit the “Download” button below the video to get started.

Here are some of the best browser extensions available for YouTube to MP4 conversion:

Video DownloadHelper: This popular browser add-on allows you to download videos from various websites, including YouTube, with just one click. It also converts the videos to MP4 format.

YouTube MP4: This straightforward and user-friendly browser extension enables you to download MP4 versions of YouTube videos. The size and quality of the movie are also options.

Desktop Software

If you want to convert YouTube videos to MP4 format on your computer, there are some desktop programs that can do the job. These apps offer other functions in addition to video conversion and are often free to download. The most well-known desktop applications include Freemake Video Converter, Any Video Converter, and 4K Video Downloader.

4K Video Downloader works on both Mac and Windows and lets you download videos from different sites in different formats, including MP4. It also has an easy-to-use design that’s great for beginners.

Any Video Converter is another well-known program that works with many video formats, lets you download videos from YouTube and other sites, and even lets you edit and burn DVDs. It has both simple and advanced customization choices and is available for both Mac and Windows.

Freemake Video Converter is also a popular choice, working with various video formats and allowing users to convert videos for specific devices like iPhones and Android phones. It has extra features like editing and burning to DVDs or Blu-rays.

Desktop programs offer more features than online converters, but you may need some technical knowledge to use them. Also, they can take up a lot of space on your computer. So, it’s essential to choose the software that suits your needs and technical knowledge best.

Final Thoughts

The methods described in this post make it quick and simple to convert YouTube to MP4. Your video will be converted quickly whether you use a desktop program, browser plugin, or web converter. So, if you need to access a YouTube video offline or share it with others, converting it to MP4 is the perfect solution.

By downloading the MP4 version of your favorite videos from YouTube, you can enjoy them even when you don’t have internet access. Remember to adopt safe and legal downloading procedures whenever you download anything, whether you use an online converter or desktop software.

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