Have you ever wondered what makes a web business truly successful?

Sure, it has to provide the right quality products.

Of course, the prices need to be reasonable.

And yes, the content should speak for itself.

All of these are mandatory for the success of a business. The feasibility of the business model depends on it.

But there is one thing that is even more important than all of these, and that is exposure. Do you know what that means?

Exposure for the Online Business

Exposure is a term that is often used for something harmful, like exposure to radiation leading to sickness.

However, in the business sense, exposure is almost always positive, and there is undoubtedly no radiation to fear.

Exposure means visibility for the business and its products. By clarity, what I mean is the count of people, both consumers and potential consumers along with competitors, who are aware of your business.

The higher this number will be, the higher will your exposure be.

And all of this will lead to your online business becoming a success story. If you want that, then you might have to change the way your website is designed.

Don’t worry. I will not be asking you to do an entire overhaul that could mandate credits , instead just a few changes here and there that will not cost you much.

How Google Plays a Role?

Before you prep yourself for the change, you need to understand that every online business is somehow connected to Google and being on good terms with the most hyped search engine will benefit you immensely.

Let us find out how. For this, you would have to think like a consumer yourself.

Imagine you want to buy something, say a pair of shoes, and you want to buy it online. So, where would look for the perfect pair at the ideal price?

On Google, I am sure.

And when you would type men’s shoes on the search bar, it would run its algorithm and find you thousands upon thousands of results to choose from.

All of the results that Google would display would be relevant to your search since they would have both the searched words, men and shoes. And there would be plenty of ads as well.

This is how Google works. It identifies the words you typed and relate it to its database to cater to your need. The relevant ads that it finds will earn the search engine millions of dollars.

Are you getting where I am going with this? Let us shine some more light on this.

What Should Your Website’s Approach Be?

Your website will need to capitalise the way Google identifies the user’s search and work it in your favour.

The same concept has a defined term in business, and that is Search Engine Optimisation or SEO for short.

SEO helps an online business to maintain exposure on search engines like Google and land on the much-fancied first page of the results. It would increase the traffic on your website because more people would click on it and each click would mean a potential sale for you.

SEO does all of this through three ways;

  • Knowing the Consumer

The first and foremost thing that an SEO will do is to know the target consumer and understand he would thing.

A consumer, majority of the times, writes a question on Google’s search bar, so the SEO starts by fetching these most asked questions and asking the plausible questions yourself.

Then comes, knowing the trending keywords; these are words and phrases that are the most searched on Google.

For instance, if you type “how to” on Google, the drop down list will show you the questions that are frequently asked in that aspect.

  • Incorporating the Consumer Needs

Once you know what the consumer needs and you have your list of trending questions and keywords, you would start incorporating the same in your web pages.

Why do you need to do this?

It is because when Google would relate the keywords to its algorithm and find your website as a match, it would display it as the most relevant.

One thing to remember about the keyword placement is not to overdo it and ruin the natural flow of your content.

  • Creating Backlinks

Just playing the SEO game on your web pages is not enough; you also need to make the consumer come to you by enticing him through keywords placed strategically on other websites.

For instance,

I am reading a blog about travelling. I am only reading because I am interested in travelling and I might have already made up my mind about a potential trip.

As you may know, travelling is incomplete without hotel stays. So if the SEO had placed a link in that blog related to hotels, there is a high likelihood that I would click on it and reach where the SEO intended me to.

I might even make a booking through his website if it suits my needs.

Winding Up

In the end, all I want to say is that an online business has to know the tricks to master a search engine’s algorithm.

Once it has that knowledge, success will be as easy as easy loans, meaning a positive change would become apparent overnight.

And it is Search Engine Optimisation that will help you get to that feat and start SEOing as soon as you can.

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