Choosing a powerful web hosting platform is essential for every online business. For reaching the global audience and to be able to seamlessly promote the products and services through the website, a Dedicated Server France is the best choice.

Lots of business owners try to cut their hosting costs by picking the Shared Hosting Plans. If you have also chosen a Shared or VPS Hosting assuming that nobody cares about the hosting, rethink your decision. A Shared Network provides you limited resources, poor speed, and division of resources with tons of users, resulting in a damaged user experience. If your website visitors do not find your website secured or reliable, they will never buy your products or services. So, cheap server hosting may result in a huge loss of revenue.

To avoid such occurrence you should choose the Superfast, Flexible and Private, Dedicated Server Hosting France by Serverwala. It provides you with sole ownership of your server. With the France Dedicated Server, you don’t have to divide your server resources with others. You have the ultimate level of control allowing you to easily manage high traffic. The Dedicated Server France provides some most important benefits to your business for achieving significant growth.

Read the various importance of Serverwala’s Dedicated Server in France given below.

Superfast Speed

Speed is a very crucial factor for developing a favourable first impression amongst the users. If your website takes high time to load the visitors will leave your website within the first few seconds. So, due to poor loading speed, you may lose your potential customers.

The Shared Server is unable to provide your website with fast speed. It has limited resources and a shared server environment. So, whenever the load of traffic rises the server either crashes or slows down. Moreover, if the other websites in the network experience a traffic surge your speed may slow down due to a common server. 

Hence, a Shared Server is not an ideal choice if you want to achieve Fast Speed. The France Dedicated Server by Serverwala can provide you with an accelerated speed with its independent system and fully upgraded resources.

No Sharing of Resources

One of the most important advantages of a Dedicated Server is there is no resource sharing. The server is leased out to one person only. So, no one else can harm the website speed or clog up the resources. When you use the Shared Server other users may tap into your share of resources. So, whenever your website traffic rises you may not have the extra resources required to manage the spike.

The Dedicated Server France provides you freedom from all such issues. You get premium quality resources dedicated just to your website or application. Whenever you need extra resources you always have them.

Unbeatable Security

High Security is very crucial to keep the important data on the server safe and secured. If your server follows poor security measures it may impact your website adversely. When you use the Shared Server your server data is not completely safe. Due to various other users over the network, you don’t if there are malicious users or hackers. So, to keep your data fully secured you need the Dedicated Server Hosting France with DDoS Protection, Firewalls, and other security protocols.

Complete Control

With full root access, you can control the server according to your needs. You can access the services and install the software you require. The VPS or Shared Server do not provide such a facility. Only the Dedicated Server gives you complete control of your server.

Greater Flexibility

The Dedicated Server France by Serverwala also allows you to adjust the server resources. You can choose the resources you require. Also, if you want to expand your resources you can easily do that. Also, you get multiple options in the Operating System and Control Panel. 

The higher level of flexibility and scalability in the Dedicated Server helps you achieve significant business growth.

Premium Server Resources

Serverwala provides Top Quality server resources to help in the smooth running of the website. It ensures that your website provides the best user experience to visitors with lightning-fast speed and performance. 

With the Dedicated Server Hosting France, you get fully upgraded resources, including high-speed RAM, SSDs, intel core processors, redundant bandwidth, and high uptime.

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Better SEO Ranking

The most important SEO Ranking Factors are the website loading speed and the user experience. The Dedicated Server in France helps in improving these. Its independent network and private resources serve fast loading speed even during high traffic.

Option of Managed or Unmanaged Server

The Dedicated Server plan provides you with the option to choose from Managed or Unmanaged Server. With the Managed Dedicated Server France, the hosting company manages the server on your behalf while with the Unmanaged Dedicated Server Plan you have the full control to manage your server on your own.

No Capital or Overhead Expense

Last but not least with Dedicated Server Hosting you don’t have to bear the cost of managing your own server. The hosting company takes care of the installation, rent, electricity and other expenses. You can choose your suitable monthly and yearly plan and utilize the server. 

Summing Up

To avail the most out of your Dedicated Server France you need to choose the Best Hosting Plan. Serverwala’s Dedicated Server France is loaded with unbeatable benefits and premium features helping you in faster growth of your website. The Shared and VPS Hosting is fine at the initial stages but for long term growth, you can’t rely on them.

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