Microsoft Word remains the leading Word Processing software for creating and sharing Word docs. Its user-friendly interface and rich assortment of well-laid tools for easy navigation make it appealing to use.

If you’re satisfied with Microsoft Word being your best Word Processing tool, then here are reasons you might want to try out an Open-source Microsoft Word alternative.

Why You Should Try Out Open-source Microsoft Word Alternatives?

You might find it challenging to part with so much buck for Microsoft office Suite as a home user, and the fact that it is a closed-source suite with no way of verifying its source code might be a bit unsettling to you.

You may also feel so much attracted to old Microsoft Word versions like 2003, 2007, and 2010 for their simplicity and ease of use which you’re not getting from MS Word’s recent versions.

If you feel that way about Microsoft Word, you might want to seek an alternative free and open-source Word Processing package.

In that case, this article with providing you with five (5) of the best open-source Microsoft Word alternatives that are free to use and bear so much similarity with your much loved old Microsoft Word versions.

Best Open-source Microsoft Word Alternatives

Below are five of the best open-source alternatives to Microsoft Word. With any of these options, you can create, edit and share word documents for free, and enjoy the familiar feel of old Microsoft Word versions like 2003, 2007, and 2010 versions.

  1. WPS Office Writer

WPS writer comes first on the list for its similarities to MS Word. You will be delighted to know that you wouldn’t miss out on any MS Word tool because WPS Office offers you as many features as you can find on MS Word.

Unlike MS Word, WPS writer is a free and open-source Word processing package 100% compatible with MS Word doc formats.

It also offers you added features such as Tabbed View for opening and editing multiple documents simultaneously, converting to PDF, or Image format, etc., and improved security features.

However, the downside to using WPS Office Word premium features such as Word/PDF conversion, Text/image editing, etc., is having your work interrupted with ads.

To avoid being interrupted with ads, you can subscribe to the WPS Office Word premium package to unlock these features and enjoy additional features like Password Protection and Mail Merge rather than sitting through 10-15 seconds of ad-watching.

WPS premium package comes in two subscription plans: The annual subscription plan billed at $44.99 annually and the Lifetime License, which costs $79.99 single payment for a single PC. Check out WPS pricing for flexible subscription plans and updated pricing.

  1. Apache OpenOffice Writer

If you’re a lover of MS Word 2003 for its simple user interface without the ribbon and the clutters that characterize the recent MS Word versions, then Apache OpenOffice Writer would be your best Microsoft Word alternative.

Both MS Word 2003 and Apache Writer have similar design and layout styles you’re much familiar with. In addition, you can create customized Word Processing templates or download them from Apache’s rich repository of templates.

If there are any MS Word features you can think of, you can have access to it on Apache OpenOffice writer at no cost with the added advantage of enjoying timely updates and improved security, thanks to its open-source code.

Some common features of Apache Writer that make it a suitable Microsoft Word alternative include Document creation Wizard, Styles, and Formatting, AutoCorrect dictionary, AutoComplete, Multi-tab display similar to WPS writer, etc.

The AutoComplete is an amazing feature you wouldn’t get on MS Word 2003; this feature offers you suggestions of common words and phrases to make typing easier and less stressful. Download Apache OpenOffice Writer to have a feel of the old Microsoft Word Office 2003 version.

  1. LibreOffice Writer

If an open-source Word Processing package free to use with a strong community of users and developers collaborating together appeals to you, then LibreOffice Writer is your best alternative.

Aside from being free and open-source with a strong community, you enjoy all basic features of Microsoft Word plus improved security, regular updates, and compatibility with Microsoft Word Document formats.

Its User Interface is simplistic with not much difference to old MS Word versions but without the ribbon or clusters of features that hamper navigation in more recent versions of MS Word.

Unlike Microsoft Word, you can help to improve LibreOffice by joining its strong community as a user, developer, designer, etc.

Therefore, if you feel compelled to give back to society, you can do this by joining Libre’s strong community where you would fit in while enjoying a Word Processing package developed for the community by the community.

  1. OnlyOffice

OnlyOffice is a privacy-focused Word Processing package that incorporates Microsoft Word features and also serves as a great collaboration platform for office purposes or project executions.

Unlike Microsoft Word, OnlyOffice has a free version with a complete assortment of features, including compatibility with doc and HTML formats.

OnlyOffice supports third-party integration, Calendar to help you monitor deadlines, and Mail tool for creating personalized mailboxes.

Another distinguishing feature is its open-source code which allows users and developers to contribute to improving OnlyOffice features while enhancing its security.

OnlyOffice is not entirely free; there are paid versions for individuals and businesses, with payment being a one-time affair for a lifetime license that gives you access to varied features depending on your subscription plan.

For more plans and subscription offers, check out OnlyOffice’s official website, where you also get the option of download the free version of OnlyOffice, commonly referred to as the Community Edition.

  1. FreeOffice

FreeOffice Word processing package has strong similarities with old versions of Microsoft Word 2003 with visible rulers and gridlines for easy manipulations of margins.

Unlike Microsoft Word, it is an open-source Word Processing package completely free to use.

It also enjoys regular updates, and it is compatible with Microsoft Document formats and popular Operating system platforms like Android, Mac, Linux, and iOS.

Its simplistic interface makes it desirable as a perfect open-source Microsoft Word alternative. Therefore, if you still want to retain the familiar Microsoft Word landscape while trying something new, download FreeOffice Word from its official website.

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Wrapping Up The Best Open Source Microsoft Word Alternatives

Any of the five best open-source Microsoft Word alternatives can be the best pick, depending on your reasons for seeking an alternative. These five alternatives have similar Microsoft Word features; however, they all possess unique features that set them apart.

The best Open-source Microsoft Word alternative is WPS Writer because it is a Word Processing package with as many features as Microsoft Word. It also offers unique features for its paid and unpaid plans that set it apart from Microsoft Word.

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