Instagram has grown into a billion users social media network over the planet with millions of active users worldwide. 

As marketing principles say, wherever a large audience gathers you, there are great marketing opportunities for your business.  

Hence, Instagram is a powerful marketing platform for your business with many potential audiences from different parts of the world. 

As every brand wants to sell more of their products and services to their audience and expand their business, evident competition makes it difficult for brands to generate sales and revenues. 

Instagram has proven to be a compelling platform to grow business, reach targeted audiences, and generate sales globally effectively, as well as with a high return on investment.

In this blog, we will tell you how to use Insta to promote your products that generate sales for your brand. 

So without any further ado, let’s get started! 

How to Grow Brand Sales with Instagram

1. Optimize Your Instagram Business Account

Completing an Insta profile or editing profile content, again and again, seems an overwhelming task to many brands and marketers. But it is important to Instagram in such a way that sounds relevant to your audience. 

In case you don’t have a complete Insta business profile, it will hugely affect your brand and take your potential audience away from your brand. 

To convert your profile visitors into followers and followers into paying customers, you are required to optimize your Instagram Profile that creates credibility and captures your buyers’ attention. 

Make sure to use a profile image and username that communicate with your followers and deliver the message when your fans or followers are searching you on Insta. 

Remember that before completing your Instagram profile, do not publish any images or posts. Otherwise, it will be a waste of resources and efforts. Make relevant, informational, and healthy content for your account that delivers value to your users. 

In this way, you can earn your visitors’ trust and connect your followers with your brand content.

2. Make Catchy Hashtag Phrase for Your Brand

To increase social awareness of your brand, hashtag plays a very crucial role to promote your business. Hashtags introduce your Instagram profile and brand to a large audience.

But it is hard to find a list of hashtags that you can use for your brand. You have to perform thorough market research and how your audience is most likely to talk about your brand. 

Create a unique hashtag with an easy and catchy phrase or word to easily become popular among your audience. A complicated hashtag or long phase hashtag may not work very well for marketing, as it becomes hard for the audience to type in the caption. 

3. Create Compelling Content for Instagram Posts 

As social media platforms are all about sharing images, videos, or any other visual content, do Instagram. To attract your followers and engage them with your brand content, you must create compelling content that communicates with your audience. 

Your Instagram posts are relevant and informative instead of promotional content. People don’t like to see ”Sell, sell, & sell” content. They want something that delivers solutions to them. 

Understand your customer persona, strategize your content idea, and create effective content for your Insta posts. 

4. Enhance Instagram Marketing with UGC

Insta is a popular social media platform with millions of users who publish millions of posts on Instagram. Your fans are talking about your brand, feature your products or services in their post, unknowingly to you. 

User-generated content is high-paying content for your brand. It generates trust, authenticity, and social proof of your brand. 

As people like to believe in other real-life people instead of the brand is praising their product. You can collect user-generated content from Instagram with a hashtag, mention, or tag that your fans used for your brand and repost it on your Instagram account. 

In this way, you can increase the qualitative and relevant content that your fans are looking for. 

Bonus Tip: Embed Instagram Posts on Your Website

Recent Marketing trends include embedding social media posts on the website or online store. It delivers social proof of your brand, and your website visitors come to know about the social presence. 

Embedding Instagram posts on your website or product pages work as a testimonial and help your visitors to make a purchase decision.  There are various tools available to embed Instagram posts on your website like Taggbox Widget, Tagembed, etc.

To stand out from your competitors and offer innovative, relevant content to your customers, it is a must that you put Instagram content on your website. 

Wrapping it up!

As Instagram crossed a 1 billion active users record last year, it has become a prominent channel among all other social media platforms. From social sharing to building strong business relationships, Instagram provides every solution to its users. 

From large to zero investment businesses, Insta is proving to be a high return on an investment platform. If you don’t have your business registered on Instagram yet, then you need to create one right away. 

As your competitors are already promoting their products on Instagram, your turn is to bring strong competition and generate higher sales and revenues for your brand. 

Without making any delay, start building your own Instagram Business account.

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