Ascent is an action game that was developed for avid game lovers and players. It was designed to give the players a feel of fighting in a virtual city. Thousands of players that love action games have downloaded the game to their devices. Ascent is interactive with several gaming features like armors, mods, achievement levels, and update features. Players can choose the best ascent armor and protect themselves when they play.

The Ascent Best Armor

The Ascent game has many armors or gears. Players should select good armors that can protect them from their enemies while playing the game.

Examples of the ascent best armor available:


When many players should armor to protect their bodies, they usually neglect a vital body part, their heads. They forget that an exposed head can make them vulnerable, and the enemies can target their heads.

The PF40-velocity armor is made to protect the players’ heads during a game. Headgears are unclassified in the Ascent game. Players can obtain the headgear when they start the game. Headgears increase the winning chances of Ascent players. The gears improve the playing strength of the players. They also give extra body protection. Because of this, players can survive more due to the extra protection offered by head armors.

Leg Protection Gears

D 50 Net Slinger Pant Armors: They are used for protecting the players’ lower bodies. These gears are ideal for new players who don’t know how to play the game. These new players may find it difficult to know which armor is the best and how to use it. Hence, the developers created a simple-to-use leg armor for such players. The armors provide all-around protection from enemy attacks. Getting leg armor increases the playing levels of the players because it comes with special features.

E60 Track Stomper Rigs for protecting the players’ legs: The E60 leg armor is the most suitable protective leg gear for new players. Its ballistic defense ability is second to none. It protects the players against any risk that might occur during the game. Players who wear E60 leg gears can effectively evade enemy attacks. Similarly, the gears give a plus point to the players during the game and increase the well-being of the players.

Runner Trousers for protecting the players’ legs: This is another type of leg armors for Ascent players. While this is cool armor to have, few players have criticized this protective gear. The players complained that the armor’s color is not attractive enough.

However, many players disagreed with this opinion. To them, the plain finishing design of the trousers is a bonus to the players. Players who wear them can hide from their enemies without the fear of discovery. If the trousers are colorful and attractive, the enemies will easily spot the players from their hiding places. Hence, this makes unattractive leg armor one of the best ascent armors.

Furthermore, the trousers have excellent defensive abilities and increase the tactical points of the players. Players wearing these armors have better chances of hitting their targets.

Armors for protecting the players’ torsos

The P 50 protective gear is made to protect the players’ torsos from enemies’ attacks. Players who wear the armor can enjoy the game more than those without the gears. The armors improve players’ locomotive skills and do not hinder their movement.

The Ascent Mods

No game is 100 percent perfect. Every game lacks one or two things that make the players unsatisfied. The same is for Ascent games. This is why Ascent developers created the ascent mods and the ascent update features.

The presence of the ascent mods makes the game more interactive and interesting. Developers can improve the game by creating different interactive mods for the game. One of such mods is the first person mod playing feature.

First Person Mods

These mods, if implemented by the developers into the game, will attract more players. The mod will allow players to view the game in a 3D way. That is, the person playing the play can view the game in an immersive way. It would be as if the player himself is inside the game console. The view would be mesmerizing and very engaging. The developers should improve the design quality if they want to implement the first person view. Players should come together and request the game developers to include this feature in the game.

The Ascent Update- The Ascent Best Armor

As stated earlier, no game is perfect, this is why many game developers bring out updates often. The Ascent update feature can be found on the game menu. Even the ascent best armors have regular updates. These updates are essential to improve the user experience and game quality. Users are advised to always check their game software for updates and updates regularly. When users update regularly, they can get access to new features, gears, and tools.

Players can check the app stores of their devices or computers for Ascent updates.

Some issues resolved by past updates:

  • Collision problems were resolved.
  • Fixed ‘pause’ issues during the game.
  • The developers resolved game hanging issues when hosts exit the games as soon as they load them.
  • Fixed connectivity problems due to poor internet connections.
  • Fixed stability issues for players.

The Ascent Achievements

The Ascent achievements are the level of success a player has achieved while playing the game.

There are many levels of achievement available in the game. Players can only attain these levels depending on their playing skills and playing gears.

The Ascent achievements available are:

Uncooperative Achievement:

Uncooperative Achievement is a solo achievement attained by a single player. The player plays alone and does not collaborate with another player. This type of achievement is attained when a player has completed each given quest. Furthermore, players have to get enough fighting points and extra bonuses to get to this level. Players must not miss any quest, otherwise, they won’t go to the next level.

Cooperative Achievement:

Once a player has achieved uncooperative achievement, the next level is a cooperative achievement. Players can only achieve this level when they play with other players. Two or more controllers are needed for this game level. Unlike other levels, this level is easy to attain with the help of other players.


Ascent games improve the tactical and analytical skills of the players. So pick the best ascent armor today and start playing.


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