Times are a-changing and gaming glasses are what you need to adapt to the new reality. Why you may ask? A year ago, anybody would have dismissed the idea of socialising using video games as a joke. But most of us are now shifting to video games to do the exact same thing. We are spending hours every day playing video games on our computers and consoles. Whether you are spending time relishing in the utopian setting of Animal crossing or clearing challenges in the GTA V, you’re unknowingly exposing yourself to a large amount of blue light every day.

And we’re no strangers to what these long periods in front of digital screens can do to our eyes. From potentially damaging the retinal cells of our eyes to increasing our symptoms of digital eye strain, we are not prepared for the long term ill-effects of our screen times.

With the end of lockdown nowhere in sight, we have to equip ourselves and find ways to beat the Computer Vision Syndrome. And what better way than donning a pair of gaming glasses.

Gaming glasses are glasses that can help us relieve the digital eye strain we experience when we work on our computers longer than usual. Symptoms of digital eye strain include red eye, headaches, dry eye, and eye strain, and gaming glasses can drastically reduce these. But how do they do this? These following features of gaming glasses make it possible:

Gaming glasses

Modified for an intermediate distance

Gaming glasses can be any type of glasses, even designer glasses with specially modified lenses. These lenses have a magnification of the power best suited to enhance our vision of objects at an intermediate distance from our eye. This allows us to focus on our computer screens and keyboards (they are at an intermediate distance) without straining our eyes.

But if you want a pair of gaming glasses perfect for your prescription, it’s good if you can schedule an eye test and get yourself a special prescription for gaming glasses. Although this prescription is a usual modification of your single distance vision, getting a pair of gaming glasses with the incorrect magnification can make it even more problematic.

Gaming glasses

Coated for blue-light protection 

Gaming glasses also function as blue light glasses, protecting our eyes from potentially damaging HEV blue light. Blue light from digital screens can potentially increase the chances of a person developing age-related macular degeneration. Although the sky and sun also emit blue light, these wavelengths from the screens have been linked to cancers and obesity although significant relationships have not been found.

Another huge benefit of gaming glasses with blue light protection coatings is that they can help regulate your circadian rhythms. How? Blue light from screens can suppress the production of melatonin and stimulate your body to stay awake at odd times.

So, all in all, using gaming glasses can reduce the impact computer screens have on your eyes. They do come in a variety of tints and the most prominent ones are the amber and clear lenses. You can browse more about them online and see which ones are the best for you!

Gaming glasses

Where do I get my gaming glasses from?

Whether you’re a gamer or not, you should get gaming glasses if you work on a computer for more than eight hours a day.

Although there are a lot of online stores that sell computer glasses, we’d recommend you get a prescription specifically for gaming/computer glasses and then browse online.

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