The new GameStop PS5 comes with a new controller with new features. It has adaptive features that are easily understood by the players.

Professional and nonprofessional gamers have been enjoying Gamestop PS for years now. The game is not only for children but for adults to while away the time and have fun. Playstation has many versions that have been released over the years. The only downside is expensive of PS games and their consoles. Yet, many players all over the world always try to save up to buy the latest version.

About GameStop PS5

GameStop is a retail franchise that sells games, game consoles, a PS5 stand, and anything related to gaming.

Gamestop offers gaming services to its customers based on monthly subscription packages. The subscription ranges from the lowest monthly rate of 14.99 dollars per month to the highest rate. The more expensive monthly rate starts from 499.99 dollars per month. Whether you subscribe to the lowest or highest rate, you’ll get to enjoy the perks that come with them. There are exclusive perks like offers and bundles that subscribers have access to. Some subscribers subscribe to a 700 dollars package every month to get additional perks.

In addition, there are packages for those that are new to the PlayStation game. It might not be ideal for professional gamers, but it’s the right package for new gamers. The package for new gamers come with starter packs like gift and game cards.

GameStop sells different PlayStation versions, like the PS5, to its customers. PS5 has introduced to the market two years ago. While PS5 only has white color, many brands have launched their own PS5s in other colors. There is a purple PS5 controller, a green one, and many more.

Meanwhile, it has been reported that GameStop will restock their PlayStation consoles soon. If this is so, then it’s good for the company. It shows that they have updated their stocks to include the latest PS5 consoles. Moreover, if Sony’s plan to develop more advanced game consoles becomes real, then GameStop will stock the games. However, the restock is only available for those who visit their physical stores.

In the meantime, PlayStation retailers have advised gamers to use the opportunity to purchase the digital edition of the game.

Types of Gamestop PS5 Controllers

There are two types of PS5 Controllers, the pro controller also known as the professional controller, and the non-pro controller.

The non-pro controller has limited features compared to the pro controller. While the pro controller is a wireless one that has extra features the non-pro controllers don’t have. These features include paddles located at the backside and joysticks that you can remove.

Most PS comes with a non-pro controller while only a few have pro-controllers. Nevertheless, several PS game brands are trying to enter the pro-controller market. So this year, there will be an influx of professional controllers in the market. Among them is the Sony brand. There are speculations in the gaming market that Sony wants to produce a PS5 pro controller. However, Sony has neither denied nor confirmed the rumors. The source of the speculation said that the brand will introduce the pro-controller to the gaming audience very soon. The controller, as speculated, is meant for Sony’s PS5 games. It is also reported that the controller’s features will be like Xbox’s pro-controllers. The source further claimed that Sony’s pro controller’s components can be removed at any time. Sony’s PS5 buyers think that the controller will probably be shaped like Dual Sense’s controllers.

The speculator went on to say that the pro-controller will have:

  • Grips that can be removed
  • Paddles at the rear
  • Trigger stops
  • Analog sticks that can be removed.

Of all the featured mentioned above, having an analog stick that can be removed is the best feature ever.

Removable sticks might not be as popular as other features, they’re a welcome development nonetheless. You can see many people on the internet getting excited about the possible new features. This is because they were not happy with the recent stick drift of their controllers. They had to watch videos of how to fix these controllers. So, a controller with sticks that can be removed without any professional help is a welcome development.

About Professional Controllers

Professional controllers come with adjustable height and a wireless feature. You can remove their grips and stop triggers too. The fun part is that you can configure the buttons of some pro-controllers as you like. That is, you can customize some pro-controllers to suit your gaming needs. Sony game consumers hope that the speculated controller will have this customizable feature. It will make gaming interesting if it does!

Another feature of professional controllers is their scalability and portability. You can use the controllers on any device, personal computer, and television of your choice.

When Will the New Pro-Controller Hit the Market?

In line with the ongoing speculations, Sony’s customers have stormed its website to ask for a specific release date. Sony has however kept silent and has not revealed anything about the possible release of a professional controller. Some tech experts think that the global shortage of chips might be the reason for their silence. In recent years, tech companies struggle to find chips to manufacture tech products. This has affected their business operations and led to an increase in the price of tech products. It is because of this that many gaming firms have constantly adjusted their production method. The good news is that this has not affected the supply of game consoles so much. So you can still find a game to purchase and play.


Many gamers hope that PS5 developers will improve their units so that they can enjoy more gaming experiences. If this happens, PS5 developers will see an increase in their customer base in the coming months.

Furthermore, more gamers will patronize GameStop in search of PS5 units that are user-friendly with lots of features. This means GameStop PS5 will have more buyers and generate high revenue for GameStop.

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