It can be hard to make your virtual meeting room seamless as it requires a lot of technology. So, you need complete knowledge of technologies and features that can be helpful in creating an immersive virtual meeting room experience.

Want to know what technology can make your virtual room perfect? Here are the various functionalities that can be helpful in creating a perfect virtual meeting room.

16 Technologies Necessary for Seamless Virtual Meeting Room Experience!

Technologies that are most necessary to create a seamless experience in your virtual meeting room are as follows:

  1. Real-Time Chat

It is vital that everyone present in the virtual meeting room can communicate with each other. So, you need a proper element to conduct such interaction and discussion among everyone. Moreover, the top virtual meeting platform can provide you with a chatting option for real-time interaction with everyone in the virtual meeting room.

  1. Call Functionality

Having chatting as the only option can be a restriction to communication. So, you would need a little more that can be helpful for people with disabilities. The best alternative for chatting can be calling. You can conduct a 1:1 or group audio or a video calling for more seamless communication.

  1. Video Meeting

The attendees are always curious about the topics around the world. So, you may get some users who want to know a little bit more about the topic. The virtual AGM platform provides video calling that can be helpful in creating an in-person experience.

  1. Clap/Hoot/Emoticons

Sitting and doing nothing, just staring at the screen for countless hours can be hectic and boring for the attendees. So, you have to spice things up a little. The virtual corporate meeting platform offers clapping, hooting, likes, hearts, and emotions. Moreover, all the attendees can share their feelings using these buttons.

  1. Popularity Score

It is always fun to enjoy and appreciate your favorite speaker, presentation, and session for the attendees. Also, it helps the organizers to know what their target audience likes more and what they should consider for the next time. Hence, the top virtual corporate meeting platform provides the opportunity to score your favorites among the virtual meetings, and those are counted as popularity scores.

  1. Feedback Form

Asking the audience for their feedback is a really good gesture. It makes the attendees feel special and ensures that they had a good time in the virtual meeting room. So, you can generate feedback forms that you can display on the screen as soon as the event ends. The top virtual meetings platform provides a proper survey pop-up and a particular section for follow-ups. All the attendees can submit their reviews whenever they want during the virtual event.

  1. LIVE Session Poll

It is crucial to keep the attendees engaged and involved in your virtual meeting. You will need a better aspect for such engagement that can keep the users busy and concerned until the end. So, the top virtual AGM platform offers the live session poll, where all the speakers can ask questions with multiple choices. The attendees can share their opinion using their preferred answers for that particular query. It includes AI technology that helps to calculate and show the bar or chart style result during the event.

  1. Signature Wall

It interests the attendees to write some special notes for their favorite speaker, presentation, sessions, or any other part of the virtual meeting. That’s why the best virtual meetings platform provides signature wall integration. Moreover, all the users can drop their messages at the signature wall. It will be visible to all the attendees present at the virtual meeting.

  1. Social Wall

Social media is the best way to engage and communicate with people. You may have got a lot of good feedback and comments on social media platforms. But what to do with it? How to use it in your virtual meeting? So, the best virtual corporate meeting platform offers the social wall, where you can showcase all these comments from your social media accounts.

  1. AI Matchmaking Tool

Making friends at a virtual event can be more challenging than at offline events. But you can get ease with the integration of AI matchmaking tools at your virtual corporate meeting platform. Artificial intelligence uses the demographics and other information to match the interest of all the other attendees. You will get friends’ suggestions with AI matchmaking tools that can be a good match for you to enjoy the virtual meeting.

  1. Business Card Exchange

Exchanging cards is the most necessary part in order to increase business growth and networking. So, everyone at the virtual corporate meeting wants a way to share their business cards and collect others. That’s why the virtual AGM platform provides the business card exchange feature. All the users at the virtual meeting can request to get others’ cards and approve the received requests to share their cards with others. Hence, everyone can share their cards with complete approval.

  1. Networking Tables

A separate group discussion is a must for easy networking. You can conduct a group discussion on a particular subject using the networking tables. It is an 8-seater round table where people can discuss a specific topic with the speakers.

  1. Document Download

Hosts can create a document library on the virtual meeting platform for the attendees. So, all the users can view and download all the documents, flyers, brochures, pdfs, and other essential information from this library. Also, you can bookmark any document or session that you want to see at the event.

  1. Gamification

Attendees can get the AR/VR games in the virtual meeting room. They can play and enjoy these games during the virtual event. Moreover, it can be easy for the hosts to engage the users with such integrations to their platforms.

  1. Leaderboard

Playing is worth it when you get some rewards and score for it. So, you must add the leaderboard feature provided by the top virtual event platform. You can get a score and place a number on the leaderboard visible to everyone at the event.

  1. Access Control

You can control the access to that virtual meeting room. It is on you who can enter or not at your chosen place. Moreover, it is helpful for VIP and restricted sessions.

So, these are the various technologies necessary for the virtual meeting room. You can create the best virtual meeting experience with such features and functionalities.

Hope, you will find this article beneficial in creating a better virtual meeting room with the latest technologies.

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