The idea of establishing a non-profit organization is always a good idea for everyone, but making it a success is the big deal. It seems easy to achieve because of course it’s not for generating profit, it’s just for helping others. Well, this has always been a wrong notion for those who are interested in starting this type of organization. For your information, the goals and objectives set for a profit organization should also be applied to a non-profit organization if you desire to make it a success. When your organization is measured with great success, this attracts the public, government and other various corporate support to your non-profit organization.

There are lots of factors that can create an impact on a successful non-profit organization. The listed factors below, if followed strictly can lead to you having your desired goals in establishing a non-profit organization says, Hershey Rosen.

Knowledgeable and qualified team

For a successful non-profit organization, you need staff that are well informed and have the same goal as you. Your goals should not be different from your board of trustees. Everyone should be aiming at the same objectives. Also, your staff members should be well equipped with the knowledge of how a non-profit organization should operate. Added to their knowledge should be skilled. With great skills, there is every possibility of achieving great success as everyone is aligned to one goal.

Enough capital

You will be wondering where does the cash come in as it is a non-profit organization? Does a non-profit organization need cash for it to be successful? Of course. It is a very important instrument for attaining success. You have to make sure there is enough flow of income. There should be multiple revenue flows, marketing of the organization should be in top gear, fundraising should not also be left out, and reinvesting in your organization, people and the system, with these listed factors, there will be an advancement in the organization rather than maintenance. Maintenance is quite different from advancement. With maintenance, there is no growth and development, whereas the latter brings growth and also development. Do not use the present economic situation as an excuse, rather build on it, make a difference and determine to make it a success. This is how you will be ahead and be an edge over others.

Be willing to learn and improve

To be successful as a non-profit organization the willingness to learn from people around and improve is very important. Learning can be from other successful organizations, staff, beneficiaries and even volunteers. Should be able to learn from your mistakes and plan how to get better. Is good to have a strategic plan and employ the service of professionals in accessing your organization for growth but when things fail be willing to learn. When a particular event, program or strategy is not working or relevant, you should be able to try something new that will help the organization grow and improve. Always look for an opportunity to learn and improve as an organization, if you want to succeed says, Hershey Rosen.  

Your mission statement should be specified and followed

An organization needs to have a specified and clear mission statement as it will help them define its purpose and focus. The mission of the organization should be clearly stated and communicated to everyone working with the organization. There are times you are carried away with things happening in the organization but always stick to your mission and don’t be distracted. All employees and shareholders should know your mission and vision, so they can work together with you in achieving it. This helps your employees and shareholder to understand their role and how they can contribute to the goals of the non-profits. They should be able to know why they serve, who and what makes your organization different from others. The values, purpose and mission of the organization should not just be made known to those associated with the organization but there is a need to follow it strictly. 

Use donated Funds For The Intended Purpose

You raise funds for a particular purpose to ensure the funds are spent on that project. The reason is that many non-profits organization have been accused of spending funds on administrative work instead of the intended purpose. It is good to clarify the issue regarding payment and funds donated to your staff before employing them. If you want to avoid spending funds on administration instead of the intended purpose, you may want to consider getting volunteers for every position. In case you are already working with the paid employee then you want to ensure you have donors that are generous and committed.


Starting a non-profit organization may look easy but sustaining it is the big deal. All the points listed above can help lead your organization to success if followed. According to Hershey Rosen, you should always value people and everyone working with you if you want to remain relevant. Learn to use technology to your advantage because in this age and time everyone is going digital and you don’t want to be left out.   

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Hershey Rosen is from Montreal, Canada. He has founded successful startups and helped many companies onboard clients quickly and profitably.