Managing a rental property in Baltimore is a challenging job. This comes with so many responsibilities. The job role of a landlord does not limit to finding suitable tenants for his Baltimore rental property, but it is an endless job.

From managing the rental unit to trying to be a good landlord, there are so many things a landlord has to do to manage and run a rental property business. But half of your problems of maintaining rental homes in Baltimore can be solved by hiring a professional property management company in Baltimore.

But, some landlords don’t find hiring property managers or management companies affordable, especially if they have only one unit to take care of. It doesn’t matter whether you are having one or two rental units, handling tenants and managing a rental property is neither easy nor it could be if you have no idea the right way of doing it.

From keeping your property in habitable condition to handling tenants’ complaints, you would be responsible for a lot of things when managing an investment property.

Tenants can keep calling you day and night even for minor repair works, noisy neighbors, or any other problems. Indeed, you must help them out and resolve their problems as they are living in your property, but always being available for tenants even for small issues is simply not possible.

But in this article, we will let you know how to handle tenants’ complaints them There are a few tricks you can do to avoid after-hour calls from tenants.ost effective way.

How to Handle Tenants’ Complaints?

There are some common complaints or issues you will come across daily from your tenants. Here are a few ideas to handle them easily: –

Maintenance Issues

The most common complaint every tenant makes is related to maintenance. You will get a request for fixing over-flowing toilets, AC or electric appliances repair, etc. And you will have to fix their problems. If the problem is not that big and tenants can wait till the next morning then you can simply avoid and ask them to wait. And if they are facing any big issues then try to resolve them as soon as possible.

Also, do repair before the tenants move into your property. This will help you to resolve half of the problems tenants might complain about. They will not complain about anything at least for 6 months.

Noisy Neighbors

Another complaint they can make for noisy neighbors. They might be getting disturbed by loud music and dogs that bark at night, etc. All these things can irritate anyone and yes, this is something that should be taken into consideration immediately.

Talk to the neighbors and ask them not to play loud music daily or after 10 pm etc. If they are your tenants, who are disturbing other tenants in the same rental unit then you can give them notice to eviction.

Another best way to resolve this issue is to get a soundproof wall in your house, but this could be too expensive.

Pest Assault

Pest infestation is also a major problem that tenants face during their occupancy in your rental unit. Pests can spread diseases and this could be dangerous for your renters hence, you should do pest control in your property regularly. Post and pre-construction pest control are important to prevent pest infestation. You should be regular with pest control services in your rental property to keep it free from pests and in a habitable condition for the ones who will be living there.

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Lack of Communication

Yes, this is something that your tenants may complain about. Unanswered emails and calls could be a problem for them. A good tenant will never want to have a landlord who doesn’t talk much or who cannot listen to his problems. So, don’t ignore your tenants. Let them speak and try to listen to what they are saying. If you want to keep quality tenants in your rental property then you must know how to be a good landlord. Because renters stay longer in a property where they find a good landlord.

Visit once a week or call your tenants to know if everything is alright with them. Fix a time for them to contact you. Also, give them an emergency number for after-hour calls.


If you think handle tenant’s complaints is not easy for you then you can hire a rental property management company in Baltimore. The proficient team of property management will not only help you to manage your property in a good condition but also improve its value while handle tenants’ complaints and resolving their issues efficiently.

So, find a reliable and professional rental homes management company in Baltimore and get your property well-maintained by them.

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I am a property manager. Property Manager is a third party who is hired by a landlord or property investor to manage the day-to-day operations at rental property.