If there is no difference – why pay more? Everyone knows this phrase from advertising, and many are guided by it throughout life, in any situation. But why pay at all, when you can not pay at all? Today we’ll tell you how it’s free and, most importantly, legal to watch any paid streaming services absolutely free. Everyone has this question and probably nobody tells or answers in an open and truthful way. All the details will be discussed below.

We will consider the popular Netflix service as an example, but it is universal and suitable for most of this kind of streaming seekers worldwide. We will get free TV shows and films to watch on a smartphone than a computer, as it is more convenient for most people these days.

1. Preparation

To implement the venture, you will need to create an account in PayPal and a bank card, of course, a debit card, because loans are evil. You don’t need to deposit money into the account – the very fact that you have these particular payment instruments is important, and then you will understand why. And yes, if you have several bank cards (debit required!), Then you will need them all. Do not worry – they will not write off money from them, but we are talking about a free and, most important, legal way of viewing.

2. Registration

We open the Netflix website; we find a large button with the inscription “Join free for a month” and push it with all the force. Then we press the “See the plans” button and select the rate in which you can watch HD video – if you get a freebie, then to the maximum. If you plan to pay for Netflix services in the future, we advise you to choose the most affordable tariff.

Then you will need to create a new account – enter the email address and password of the future account, and then choose the payment method. There are three options – PayPal, bank, or gift card, you need the first or second. Next, enter the payment details and check the box so that the money will be charged from the second month. After this procedure, click “Start membership”, and you’re done – now you have free Netflix for the whole month. Isn’t this the best thing ever?

3. Special street magic

This is the most important point. Remember the registration date and the next month a couple of days before the required date, cancel the subscription, otherwise, Netflix will send you an invoice for payment, and nothing will work. To do this, on the Netflix website, enter your profile, then in the “Account” menu and find the cherished button “Unsubscribe”. Now all you need to do is create a new account and repeat all the procedures again, and again you will have a month of free and legal subscription. You can repeat as many times as you have bank cards and email addresses. We have tried this numerous times and it never disappoints. So, try your luck while you can.

4. Numerous Free streaming platforms

If you don’t want to spend a penny on your paid subscriptions of platforms. Then, there are multiple platforms like Soap2day, PopcornFlix, Movies123, Solarmovie available. They provide you similar user interface and good user experience in terms of ease of filters, up to date content. Most of these have no ads policy which makes them safe. The content hosted by them is obviously not copyright free. But it’s a way and many people around the world don’t mind using it and paid streaming is not what everyone can afford. So, the choice is yours to make to take any action. Legality is always something that is attached to this topic but it’s the person’s own choice.

5. Almighty set-top box

Another way to watch streaming services for free is through unofficial applications for TV set-top boxes, which can be downloaded on the Internet. There will no longer be required account manipulations, but the legality of such applications is in great doubt. Like the one method mentioned above, it is quite a similar one and has similar apps which are many of them. One thing you need to make sure is the level of risk those apps pose. Make sure you download a reliable one from a play store and not from your browser. Because it could contain privacy risk for your phone or operating system.

Final Verdict

So, we looked at various alternatives through which you get free access to popular streaming networks that are available. But to pick one way or method and say it works for everyone isn’t true. Because everybody comes with a different mindset and approach towards anything. So, that’s the reason we have put various options for people to consider and make their choice. Have a safe and enjoyable free streaming experience. Happy binge-watching!

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