50% of internet users formulate their opinion about businesses based on website design. 57% of the users leave the website due to poor design and 37% of users feel disengaged with the website. It determines the importance of website design in the online world. If you are not convinced of why website design is important for your business, the blog shed light on the same. If your website is experiencing a number of leads and conversion is going southwards, it indicates your website needs a redesign.

Still, if you are unsure, you can check the website redesigning needs by identifying if the website design looks outdated, conversion is reducing, and user experience is getting bad. When your website experiences one of those issues, it signals website redesign is essential to achieve goals. If your website needs a redesign, then being just creative is not enough.

A website redesign is a strategic approach where it’s essential to identify what’s working, what’s not working, and what the business wants to achieve with website redesigning. When you choose one of the best web designing companies, they help you get the website redesigned strategically.

7 steps to redesign website end-to-end

Are you looking for a website redesign to make your website stay in sync with the latest trends? Here are the steps that help you redesign the website effortlessly.

Audit existing website design

When you find out that current website design impacting leads, hurting conversion, increasing bounce rate, and more, it’s time to focus your efforts on what needs to change in every nook of the website. Businesses can hire a website design company or consider the in-house designer team to search the design elements across all the pages of the website that are interfering with the user experience. Keeping the website design up-to-date with the latest trends is vital, as it will help you to provide with best user experience to user.

Auditing the design of your website helps in calculating all the pain points that are influencing its performance. Taking a step ahead, including the existing user base in the website revising process would help in getting the right feedback. This step makes users feel like they are a part of the brand.

Website data such as traffic, conversion, and others that can be collected from Google Analytics or paid tools like – Crazy Eggs provide data accurately regarding what needs to be redesigned and optimized. The data helps in taking out the guesswork from the website redesigning process.

Brainstorm redesigning needs

When an audit of the existing website design is perfectly done, you have a list of issues ready that are not allowing the website to bring the expected results. The areas that need to improve for better customer experience and enhanced customer journey when identified, it’s time to brainstorm how to fix the problems.

The web design team conceptualizes which problems need to solve and which design issues can be ignored. However, the team can fix all the design issues, but it’s of the least value when they don’t matter to the final redesign. So prudently deciding on what needs to be redesigned in your website is imperative. The team should keep user experience at the back of the mind while resolving design issues.

Create prototypes earlier

When the previous brainstorming process goes perfectly, key stakeholders have an actionable document of what needs to be redesigned and how the website redesign process goes ahead. The next step is to create prototypes that serve as a base for the complete redesigning process. Prototype creation enables visualizing the redesigned website before even it goes live with minimum effort and time consumption.

Prototypes enable placing elements on different pages aptly and weighing if there’s uniformity and balance or not. Fortunately, when the problem is eliminated at the prototyping stage, it saves businesses from resourceful and expensive efforts once the redesigning task is started. Prototype creation is a way to reduce errors to a minimum.

Get your website redesign changes reviewed

The website redesign project is underway during prototype creation, so it makes perfect sense to get the prototype reviewed by the stakeholders. It enables them to address all the issues in the prototype in one go. The team should get answers to the following questions from the stakeholders.

  • The latest changes made to the website design in the prototype are enough or not?
  • Do you find the design changes positively impact the user experience?
  • Do you want more changes in the prototype for specific design elements or pages?
  • Do you want to scale down the design changes in the website considering UX?

Redesign and iterate

Finally, the time has come to shape revising, brainstorming, and prototype efforts into real implementation. The business can move ahead with website redesigning tasks by allocating the redesign project to an offshore website design and development company or building an in-house team.

Under the outsourcing umbrella, the website redesigning project is accomplished by the team dedicatedly and stakeholders are updated on all the changes made as the project progress. You can hire top talent from around the globe for your project requirements and work with them remotely. It can provide you with many benefits such as cost savings, security, flexibility and more. Ensure setting standards and creating guidelines when you hand over the project to the outsoucing servive providers. With in-house team hiring, the website redesigning tasks are distributed among team members and then allocated optimally for the best results.

Test it like a pro

When the website redesigning is completed, you won half-battle, and the remaining half-battle is won when the redesigned website is launched after testing. Even when your website gets a green flag from stakeholders after review, you cannot overlook testing. Getting the website tested from the users’ perspective is all-important.

Get the redesigned website pass through a series of tests such as A/B testing, Guerilla testing, UX testing, and others without breaking the bank. It ensures that redesigned website syncs well with the user experience.

Launch and optimize for perfection

Fortunately, the time has come to launch the well-tested product on a pre-defined day. The redesigned website launch is followed by monitoring its performance once it goes live. It helps to know if the website performance, redesigned UI elements, and other changes are behaving as they were engineered.

After measuring the changes, if you find anything unexpected, optimize all those things for a successful launch.

Are you ready to redesign your website?

Let’s accept it: updating the website regularly is important, top reasons tell you the same. At the same time, relying on “Gut feeling” or best practices of traditional redesign won’t make website redesign survive for more than 2-5 years. The lack of process and apt testing during website redesign won’t bring the expected results. That’s where following a step-by-step guide would help you get a newly redesigned website with a look and feel that uplift conversion rate, reveal the elements that need to upgrade for better results, and mitigate risks of redesigning that make efforts goes in vain.

Take a plunge and accomplish the complete website redesigning work all at once for unmatched outcomes by partnering with a reliable website design company.

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