If we don’t take into account the many blogs, articles, and social media posts by DIY logo makers, we will know that logo designing is not easy or something that can be completed in 15 minutes flat. A lot is going on. It is a really hard process that takes a definite toll on the people who are actually in the trenches, designing visuals and logos. They need to have exceptional skills in designing as well as creativity. They have to keep themselves up to date with the latest trends in the industry and they need to have a piece of good knowledge about the business that they are working with. That is not all. The whole process of designing a logo—from the initial idea to the final execution—can be sometimes too much as the designer has to make a lot of well-informed decisions. There’s no such thing as a gut feeling or an assumption as far as good logo designing goes.
This is especially the case if you work for a digital marketing agency and have to work on multiple projects simultaneously. Keeping up with every project and delivering them on time is overwhelming work.

That is why we thought we would share with you a list of tools that can make your job a little bit easier and a little bit more comfortable. Mind you; we are not going to be talking about the latest tablet or sketchbook that might help you. These are all tools that are easily available in the market. A lot of graphic designers have never heard of them. Knowing them can create the difference between an average logo design that you made while you were dead tired and an amazing logo design that you created with a fresh mind and with tools to help.

So, without further ado, we give to you:

1. Logo Inspiration Generator Tool

Most of us look for inspiration before we start on any project. It’s always good to have a bearing and know where it is you want to go. We turn to various tools for this purpose. Most of us turn to Google and search for logo designs that might inspire us. We all know that sometimes it doesn’t turn out the way we expected. We end up with a lot of options and choices but nothing that moves us. Nothing that inspires us. That is why we suggest using the Logo Inspiration Generator Tool.
This is an amazing tool that helps you find a high-quality graphic design logo to take inspiration from. All you need are a few clicks. They have a main category of style, colour, and miscellaneous items. These items are ‘hidden meanings’, ‘logo trends’, and more. Just select the one you want and it will show you a long list of high-quality logos. The best part: it is a free tool that everyone can use. We suggest you bookmark it right now.

2. Wordmark.it

One of the things that confuse a lot of designers and they spend a lot of time on it is the logo font. What type of font will go with the logo that you have designed? More importantly, what type of font will go with the image of the company that you are working for/with? There are a wide variety of fonts available for you. The only problem is that it is very time consuming and you can lose a lot of time going through the extensive library of typefaces. And we are only talking about the fonts on your computer. Forget about the fonts available online.
But, not to worry. Help is on the way. We give you yet another free tool by the name of Wordmark.it. This tool lets you view all the fonts that you have on your computer at the same time. You can view the business name in various fonts and see which one works out the most. It’s that easy.

3. WhatTheFont

A lot of the times, when you are working with a business client, they will give you their feedback about what they want their logo to look like. They will also, sometimes, tell you what type of font you should use in their logo. That is nothing out of the ordinary. The issue arises when they tell you about a font but don’t know its name.
How can you find out which font they are talking about? There are literally thousands of fonts out there and you don’t know all their names.

What to do?

What you can do is to use a tool created by Myfonts.com by the name of ‘WhatTheFont’. If you have a photo of the font that you want, you can upload it in the tool and they will give you the matches that they find. Their library contains thousands of fonts so chances are you will easily find what you are looking for.

How do they do it?

The tool uses deep learning to search their collection of fonts present to you the ones they think are similar.


There you have it, folks. The top 3 tools that every logo designer needs to save time, keep the stress levels low, and deliver on time—every time. These tools can help you simplify your tasks and ensure that most of your brainpower is reserved for the creative process rather than the mundane tasks.

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