iPhone 11 Pro is another launch of Apple that has been lauded around the world because of its ultimate features and sleek designs. This smartphone is something that everyone wants to own. But at the same time, iPhone 11 Pro also has several tech problems, which sometimes decline the user’s interest and have to visit the phone repair center as well. In this article, we highlighted a few issues along with its solutions to help you in this matter. We have discovered few bugs as well as tips on how to fix them.

Here’s the complete list of issues with your iPhone 11 Pro along with its solutions. Take a look-

Wireless charging not working

Most of the user complains that their iPhone 11 Pro is not charging with their wireless charger. There could be several reasons behind this. The reason for this fault can be related to hardware or software. No matter what the reason behind this issue, it is important to get it resolved as fast as possible. You can charge your phone with a wired connection. If it doesn’t work, then update your iPhone’s iOS with the latest one to load new features and allow your phone to function properly. Apple also suggests a power-off reset/ restart option to resolve this issue when wireless chargers stop working.

  • Press and release volume up.
  • Press and release the volume down.
  • Hold the power button and wait until the Apple logo appears.


Next on our list that most of the iPhone repair centers receive complaints about the iPhone 11 Pro is the overheating of the device. Yes, it is one of the common issues that many iPhone users suffer. When your device is uncomfortably hot, then it is a clear indication that your device’s battery is at risk. The solution to this problem is-

  • Remove the phone case.
  • Don’t use your phone in a hot area or exposed for a long time in the sun.
  • Avoid playing games for long hours to stop overheating.
  • You should wait to charge the device as low charging can also heat the phone.
  • You can also turn your iPhone off for some moment if it is not in use.

Volume, Audio & Sound Issues

If you find something unusual about the sound, video, and audio functioning, then you should consider the below-listed solutions. Before you choose iPhone or cell phone repair services, check out these tips.

  • Make sure your microphone is clean and clear for the better sound quality. If this doesn’t work, then clear the cache memory by restarting the device.
  • Turn off Bluetooth and check the audio quality without it. If it works well, then leave it all for your calls.
  • Do a hard factory reset.

Call in a professional- The Fix Solutions

Although the above-listed tips work best to fix the issues if it doesn’t work, then call the technicians of The Fix Solutions, which offer the iPhone screen repair, battery replacement, camera repair, audio, volume repair, and a lot more services at the best price. You can rely on their professionals to resolve the iPhone 11 Pro problems.

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