A good ticketing management system at your repair store serves to simplify communication channels and eliminate any form of human error from the workflow. It captures the maximum possible information and transforms it into a ticket that helps your employees know the device’s issue, when it will be delivered back to the customer, etc.

However, there might be some challenges you are probably facing in your repair ticket management system. And in this article, we will discuss how you can beat all those issues using computer shop repair software. In addition, we will let you know what features are a must for a ticketing system. Below are the details.

Time Management

One of the challenges that an owner faces in their laptop or computer repair store is that the system is not time efficient. For instance, the software cannot generate a ticket in real time or convey the exact information about a repair job to your technicians.

To tackle the challenge, you are required to use an efficient system such as the RepairDesk. It can seamlessly generate tickets and sort repairs effectively. In addition, one can create special orders with just the click of a button, making it more convenient for your customers to purchase from your store.

Email Tickets to Customers

Communicating with your clients can be quite challenging if the system you are using at your shop does not support remote communication or simply through emails and text messages. For most computer users, game lovers, and IT professionals, waiting to hear from a repairer is no less than torture.

According to haiilo.com, 60% of professionals focus on something other than measuring communications inside and outside their business. But, by using the ticket management software, a repair business owner can communicate with customers through emails and messages and notify them when their device will be ready to pick up. This way, they will willingly revisit you whenever they face an issue with their laptop or computer system.

Ticket History

Having the information of all the tickets ever created at your repair store is an excellent feature and can help you get a device’s statistics if it again comes to your service center. On the other hand, any user or computer owner can misguide you or blame you if your system lacks the feature.

For that reason, whenever you pick a ticket management system, always look for this option to avoid any troubles. In addition, having all the information about your customer’s device can make a great impression and positively impact your business. Ultimately, it will boost your customer retention, your sales, and the brand value as well.

Not Having Job Notifications

Sometimes, a technician may need to remember when to finish the repair job. Or which computer system he has to fix on a priority basis. For this reason, having a job notification feature in your ticket management system is vital, and not having one might drive any of your customers crazy.

But this is different with the Repair Desk service shop software. The system offers you to send notifications to your employees and technicians so they get all the repair tasks. Also, you can alter their shift timings and assign a repair job to another technician.

Private Notes

Having a private note feature in your ticketing system can be significant. Sometimes, customers want to convey their message directly to the technicians, but it is not always convenient for the front desk person to do that on the spot.

And this is where having the latest management system can help the repair store owners communicate. With the computer shop repair software, you can serve your clients better and enhance communication with the employees.


For a ticket management system, reporting is essential. On the other hand, it becomes a challenge for repairers if their system does not support this feature. So, to eliminate this issue, you must look for software that includes reporting and tracking as its built-in feature.

Using the RD POS, you can track your employees’ performance and working hours to enhance their overall productivity. Also, reviewing these performance indicators can help you efficiently allocate resources and utilize your employees’ skills.


Last but not least, affordability is one of the biggest challenges one faces when choosing ticket management software for their computer repair store. Therefore, we suggest you go for an affordable system with all the above features.

It is recommended to pick software wisely that does not damage your pockets. So, stay within the $150 budget and select the management tool that fulfills your requirements.

Final Words 

Having decent, affordable, and efficient repair ticket management can significantly enhance all the ongoing processes at your repair store. And for all the challenges you are facing right now, there is only one solution; equip your store with the RepairDesk POS Software, which can boost your sales productivity and save time.

Hopefully, you enjoyed reading this post and got the answers to your concerns and queries. If you want to add any further suggestions, please comment below.

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