Lake Roopkund is located in Uttarakhand at a height of 16,156 feet. One of the key locations for trekking in the Chamoli region of the Uttarakhand Himalayas is the picturesque tourist destination known as Roopkund Trek. It is one of the unique hikes available today, This trek, which is set among vast virgin woods, endlessly lovely meadows, and spectacular campsites, is a must for any traveller. From stunning snow-capped mountains to a frozen lake that is a divine sight to one’s eyes, Roopkund has it all. This hike, which is at an elevation of 15,696 feet and features gorgeous ridges, lush forests, and the possibility of discovering human skeletons in the lake that are said to date back to the Palaeolithic era and become clearly evident when the snow melts, is ideal if you’re looking for adventure. The term “The Mystery Lake” for the lake comes from this intriguing fact. Having said that, the Roopkund Trek will undoubtedly quench your need for adventure.

About the Base Camps

Lohajung Village and The Wan Village are the two potential base camps for the Roopkund Trek. The route that starts from Lohajung is typically favoured since it passes through Ali Bugyal, one of the climb’s most breathtaking scenic getaways. However, it lengthens the climb by 14 kilometres, increasing fatigue. Wan Village is the final motorable point of the hike and is easily accessible by road from Lohajung. Starting from here cuts the distance of the walk by 15 kilometres, saving a significant amount of energy.

Preparing for Roopkund Trek

The level of difficulty of this walk is considered to be moderate. As a result of the numerous steep climbs and winding, rocky pathways, you may find that you experience regular bouts of shortness of breath. If you aren’t used to walking for lengthy hours without stopping to catch your breath or panting, or if you aren’t leading an active lifestyle at the moment, you might want to consider switching to one of the gentler journey alternatives available. If, on the other hand, the Roopkund trek is the only thing you have eyes set on, you should begin your training at least three to four months in advance. Every trekker should plan to spend between five and six hours on the trail, depending on the temperature and humidity of the environment. However, even a beginner who is only moderately fit will be able to complete this hike safely and successfully. In addition to this, you should have no problems with your heart or lungs in any way. When it comes to having a pleasant trekking experience, having a healthy physical condition is an imperative must. The journey to Roopkund typically lasts for seven to eight days.

Details about the Permits

There will be a requirement for entry fees at specific checkpoints, permits for the journey, and mandatory forest camping expenses throughout the region for the entirety of the trek. Please bring your identification cards with you, such as a driver’s licence or voter ID, as well as a photo that is the correct size for a passport, a medical certificate stating that you are fit for the trek, and a disclaimer certificate stating that you are willing to voluntarily engage in this trek. At Loharjung, where you will also be required to make a payment for camping fees to the Forest Officer.

About The Locals

The majority of these cities and villages in Uttarakhand have been endowed with temples, which are the sources of great pride for the locals. They have a long and interesting history, as well as a distinct culture. By studying the culture of this society, you will be able to gain an understanding of the traditions and conventions that are firmly upheld within it. Because of the rise in tourism over the course of the last ten years or more, the locals have been accustomed to a wider diversity of people and are, as a result, highly friendly towards tourists. Because of their compassion and regard for tourists, they will do everything in their power to make sure that your journey is packed with unforgettable memories. 

Best Season to Travel to Roopkund

May through June and September through October are the two main seasons in Roopkund. Given the weather differences, the walk changes into almost entirely distinct landscape depending on the season you choose. While snow does fall on the summit of Roopkund only during the summer, it is considerably more prevalent in September and October, when Roopkund is transformed into a winter wonderland. The paths are mostly empty except from these months. Many villagers who rely on adventure tourism to support themselves by hosting trekkers at their homestays and chai stands along the trails pack up for the year.

The spirit of exploration

The trail has steep climbs and slick descents down the slopes, giving trekkers the sense of adventure and adrenaline they seek. One of the most unforgettable experiences in a trekker’s life is the cautious hike along the ridge that leads to Junargali while holding onto a rope. Your walk is particularly special because of the sights it offers as well as the overall adrenaline rush of the experience. One of the most popular trek routes in India, the trip puts you pretty near to the renowned and spellbinding Mount Trishul and Nanda Ghunti.

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