There are a lot of expenditures involved in a student’s life. You could need some more cash to cover all of your bills and school fees. Even before we reach high school, our parents start thinking about and investing in our future higher education.

However, the cost of quality high school is high too. You’ll need to spend a lot of money on everything from tuition to textbooks to meals and lodgings. This becomes very difficult for parents to bear such a high cost for their kids’ education.

However, there are ways for high school students to partially or fully support their education and ease the burden on their parents. Several mature and responsible high schoolers are now managing their own education cost by utilizing their skills.

Few ways for students to make extra money and ease the burden of School Fees

Make a Lot of Scholarship Applications

Education financing concerns may be solved by using this simple strategy. The majority of college students, however, have no idea that there are scholarship opportunities available to them. Despite knowing about a specific scholarship, students often make the error of simply applying to one.

Consider applying, even if your chances of getting in are low. Scholarships are competitive, therefore trying to apply for several scholarships increases your chances of being picked and thus, your financial security while attending school.

There are several scholarships to pay out India International School Fees that include GIIS Super Star Scholarship,  Global FUTURE-READY Merit Scholarship, Zayed Gandhi Means Cum Merit Scholarship, 9GEMS Holistic Development Scholarship, and Global Citizen Scholarship.

Tutor Juniors

Being a private teacher is an excellent way to combine your love of teaching with a side income. For those who want to work from home, tutoring is an excellent option since it enables them to choose their own hours and work with anyone they want.

Creating a teaching ad on the internet is completely free, and you have complete control over the terms, timetable, and rates of your classes. A private tutor may join the ranks of more than seven million instructors, coaches, mentors, and artists throughout the globe.

The cherry on top? It’s up to you how much money you are paid.

Sell the books you don’t need

Most School students have a large collection of outdated textbooks that are collecting dust in their homes. Consider selling them to get some additional cash.

This may be done in a number of ways, all of which are rather simple. eBay or Amazon, Facebook groups, or even the campus shop are all viable options for selling your used textbooks.

Involve yourself in market research

Participating in focus groups and online surveys for market research may be a viable choice for you if you appreciate sharing your thoughts and are seeking some additional money for India International School Fees.

  • Focus Groups

In contrast to online surveys, focus groups normally cost more each session, but you may be required to participate in them in person. You may be asked to participate in a focus group discussion on a certain product or advertising campaign.

  • Online Surveys

To get started with doing paid surveys online, all you have to do is join up some market research focus groups and then wait for them to send you questionnaires through email. This is the only thing you need to do.

These survey groups will often reward participants with cash or gift cards based on the points they earn for completing surveys, which are tracked using a point system.

Start doing Freelancing For paying School Fees

Paying School school fees with freelance work may not be a viable option, but it may help you cover the costs of living and personal expenditures, which make up a significant portion of education costs.

With a freelancing site, students may simply make money. Before you start as a freelancer, you must first understand the terms and conditions of the contract. By doing so you’ll gain a fundamental understanding of the freelancing category you’ve selected. Your freelancing customer would appreciate a sincere proposal.

  • Freelancing websites allow users to submit tasks such as fulfilling projects given by others, gathering and organizing data, delivering a book, and so on according to your profile.
  • Students may utilize these online platforms as a part-time investment or a full-time investment, depending on their time needs, and use them efficiently to make money for India International School Fees while working from home.

The sooner you start saving, the better

Many of us have had a clear idea of what we want to do with our lives from a young age. At the very least, we know we will be able to go to school and get a job when we grow up, even if we aren’t. Because of this, you should begin saving early for your education.

We are referring to a legitimate savings bank account, not a Piggy Bank. The amount you save doesn’t have to be enormous; even little sums saved monthly or quarterly may alleviate a significant amount of financial stress.


Of course, you cannot choose all at once. Hence, focus on what you do best and liquefy by working hard on that skill.

Here are a few ways mentioned above that can help you fund a part of your own education at Abu Dhabi School. International schools have several scholarship programs that give every student an equal right to achieve the grant and fund their learning.

Try the one you think fits your vision and all the best for your upcoming adventures.

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