Why Custom Bakery Boxes really matter? Your bakery business is going well. You have your eyes on the next prize: to make it in the market. But before you reach for the stars, take a moment to reflect on how far you’ve come and what you’ve learned along the way. 

While executing new strategies for success is important when scaling up. Recalling what made your bakery successful from day one will help set a good foundation in the town and beyond!

Don’t Underrate Your Packaging

One of the most evident lessons that stand out in our minds is learning not to minimize packaging when marketing. We all know that presentation is everything. There are many ways that boxes truly bring your products and, thus, your businesses to life. 

Different Shapes of Packaging

You can buy bakery boxes in various shapes and sizes. For example:

  • Round and square boxes package big cupcakes and bundt cakes
  • Rectangular and window bakery boxes showcase small loaves of bread, buns, or other baked goods

They might typically fit into a bag or at least could if your logo wasn’t on the front!

Of course, you could always go with all in 1 cake packaging such as tulip boxes. They open up like flower petals revealing your fresh goodies inside. Such options allow more room for creativity while presenting your baked goods in their best possible light. 

Bakery Boxes Wholesale – Ways of Customization

Don’t forget about different ways to customize your Bakery Boxes Wholesale, which go beyond using your business logo. Any special occasion is reason enough to consider adding custom text to the bakery box. 

This could be as simple as “Happy Birthday” with cute cake decoration. Or! Something more advanced like personalized messages included on every box presented to customers. There are no limits when designing your bakery packaging with creativity. 

Remember not to overdo it! While labels and stickers are effective marketing tools, too many will detract from the overall look of your products. For instance, you might have a great idea for a sticker like an ice cream cone on each cupcake. Individual stickers glued onto each wrapper quickly become.

Don’t see the label you had in mind? You can create Custom labels by printing directly or shrink wrapping a label around it.

Your custom bakery boxes should speak to your customers, not just loudly but also clearly. The best packaging designs sum up your brand message. It leaves an impression that stays with people long after they have eaten your goodies and moved on to the next thing.

Be sure that your marketing materials work together as one cohesive unit. From ordering custom bakery boxes online to building a website, designing promotional flyers, and keeping social media/online presence active. Almost every part of your business plays a role in building a solid foundation for success! 

Bring Your Bakery Boxes Professional

If you want to look like an authority and a professional and stand out from your competitors, customizing is the way you need to go. It will make a huge difference in how people see your product and how they judge it. 

The presentation of the product is important. Consumers buy things based on first impressions. All this means that if you have a plain white or brown paper or cardboard box with no design or branding or even nothing on it, no color, just plain dull looking package. 

People will think that whatever is inside must not be any good. This is where customization comes in.

Adding branding elements such as logos, colors, and other images makes a difference. Customizing your bakery boxes is very important to make a lasting impression on the consumers.

Material Usage 

There are many ways to customize your bakery boxes. You can choose from several different packaging materials. They all have different characteristics and specifications. It depends upon how to use them and what kind of product they need to transport. The most common kinds of material for bakery box manufacturing include:

  • Corrugated fiberboard.
  • Non-woven polypropylene bags.
  • Paperboard containers.
  • Printed retail ready cartons made from corrugated cardboard.

Remember, though, not all materials are suitable for customization. Some surfaces cannot hold stamps well enough without having the ink smear, or the surface scratched. So, always check with your packaging supplier what material would be best for you.

Printed Bakery Boxes are More Beneficial in Marketing

Be alarming before committing to printing processes that include dry offset lithography or screen printing. You need to think carefully about displaying Printed Bakery Boxes in stores and transporting them in trucks during distribution. There are many ways to customize your bakery box with different finishings and looks. Just choose the one that suits your brand the most.

Customization options:

  • Embossing
  • Foil stamping
  • Spot varnish varnishing with gloss
  • Matte or dull finishing (gloss is more popular)
  • Spot UV inkjet decals
  • Ultraviolet cured ink
  • Silk screening

Other customizations can include die cutting shapes or perforating patterns into the material’s surface. If you want to be unique, there are many other ways to achieve that. For example, you can have your bakery boxes laser cut with unique geometric shapes. 

It would be only available for you or die-cut them. So they are customized specifically for your brand. It makes the product stand out from the rest of the competition.

A bakery needs to focus on presenting its products to stand out from other bakeries and gain customers. Your Bakery Boxes Wholesale will make that happen. The exterior design of your bakery box can either attract or repel potential clients who are looking at your product on a store shelf. 

So, take advantage of this opportunity and make sure you create a high quality custom bakery boxes.

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