Technology is the winner of the world with its ubiquitous presence and timeless significance. It keeps changing to bestow new horizons for the well-being of the human world.

We should stay updated from its latest miracles as they can facilitate ease in our life.

Here are the noteworthy tech trends of 2020 that you should know –

Dirty Data

The concept challenges the efficiency of artificial intelligence. The technology that makes the decisions through machines is in question now.  It is a concern about the authenticity of the information we feed into the machines.

Humans bet on the fact that artificial intelligence takes unbiased decisions. But after all, it uses information for the purpose, and is that data is correct or reliable? That is entered into the machines by the humans only, then how is it possible to prove that no wrong information is sent? The curiosity of knowing about the dirty or fake data is as intense as the thirst to identify the fake news.

The most common types of dirty data are –

  • Inaccurate data
  • Duplicate data
  • Incomplete data
  • Outdated data
  • Inconsistent data
  • Insecure data
  • Too much data

The EU and data science community are collectively working hard to ensure the authenticity and quality of data to face this challenge.

Internet of bodies

As the extension to the internet of things, now the concept of ‘internet of bodies’ has become the talk of the town.  The ‘IoT’ attaches the tech to things like sensors on the shipping containers, but IoB will do that with human bodies.

The technology is already supporting us in knowing our health better. From mobiles to other gadgets, tech helps us understand blood pressure, sugar level, heartbeat rate, snoring, etc.

Soon we may have things attached to our bodies. It will turn impossible into possible. You may find the devices that inject insulin into the body after reading blood sugar.

Currently, IoB is in the effort to gain ground and get more into the notice. By the starting of the next year, it is sure to occupy the headlines of the media. Already, the world is talking about it. Soon the planet can expect to see a huge, positive change due to the promising newcomer.

Enhanced electric vehicles

Our wheels are moving faster with a better back up of battery. The semi-conductor tech has made the battery vehicles better in performance. EV batteries were bulky, costly, annoying, and space is consuming.

Now, the strong team of silicon carbide (SiC) and Gallium nitride (GaN) facilitate more efficient semiconductors. They can operate at a higher voltage. It, in turn, gives better control over the efficiency of the vehicle. Also, cost-effective technology makes more people able to buy battery vehicles.

With increasing concern for environment-friendly technology, scientists and masterminds all over the world are in action. Our transportation ways are the significant anchors of pollution increase. An immediate improvement is necessary on that aspect for a better and brighter tomorrow.

Automation is all set to change the financial services

Of course, the birth of technology was always destined to breed invention. The FinTech that takes charge of the financial actions of the people nowadays is not going to stop so quickly. After all, why it needs to stop if it can contribute to the following reasons.

  • More banks are planning for digital transformations to ensure the access of financial services to a broader circle of users.
  • Block chain has become a significant anchor of security solution. It facilitates multiple gatekeepers of verification that ensures the flawless flow of information.
  • Financial companies have increased the use of data analytics to make an accurate lending decision.
  • The mortgage market also has changed the approach, especially after the COVID-19 threat. The unprecedented and unexpected virtual property viewing is the latest example. Besides, in normal conditions, mortgage lending is not about lengthy procedures. Nowadays, lenders and brokers facilitate loan agreements in just 3 to 4 business days. The broking companies like John Charcol, Trussle, Shine Mortgages, are the anchors of this new age FinTech approach.

The tech end

2020 was doing great, but the COVID-19 has put some speed breakers in progress. But technology, which is playing a fantastic role as a savior, has intentions to take humans only forward.

Two conclusive points are –

  • The above trends give a hint of unstoppable growth in the coming years. The year should be praised for acting heroically for its survival efforts despite a considerable threat all over the world.
  • Things are sure to become better and then good with time. I just wish that technology might do something to create more durable health covers around us.
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