Working in an industry that’s highly stringent to regulations and experiences a heavy demand throughout the year with even complex formulations and needs requires a bit extra effort on its management to live up to expectations of consumers. We are here talking about the pharmaceutical industry that has been dealing with challenges related to the manufacturing of drugs or supplying the same. 

Forget the theoretical concepts, let’s talk real. One of the prominent companies in drug development and analytical testing in India recently found them to be trapped in the bunch of data handled manually. With aspirations to grow globally and to innovate new formulations and contribute towards theory and development, the company realized what was holding them back from achieving their goal. It was the lack of a centralized platform across the departments and multiple branches including the warehouse and the head office that caused confusion and misinterpretation of data, ultimately hindering critical-business decisions.

This company was running business operations based on human intelligence and data was entered manually on spreadsheets. The in-house accounting software was inefficient in rendering real-time information to the leaders that again misled profit and loss situations. Also, the lack of visibility of inventory – be it chemicals or instruments needed for analytical testing and drug development; there used to be sudden out-of-stock or over-stock situations that either delayed the deliveries or resulted in unnecessary wastage. These are just a few situations that have been mentioned above on the alarming signs that their business was giving them to bring about the change in the conventional processes. 

Combating the Need for Digitally-advanced System for Pharma Industry

“Better late than never”! As soon as the leaders realized the need for automation via digitally advanced systems that could not just streamline business operations but could get clarity on compliance and formulation requirements, they started their research in finding the best ERP software that could satisfy their requirements. 

SAP Business One was chosen as the best-fit ERP satisfying their needs because of its unique pharma-specific features. Also, the dedicated research was conducted to find out the best SAP Business One partner in Mumbai and in no time, Uneecops was selected on the grounds of their high-quality add-ons that were further customized as per our daily challenges. 

How did SAP Business One create a difference?

SAP Business One integrated the entire business rendering greater ability and control over business processes. The real-time accurate accounting data and formulation reports rendered enhanced intelligence to make critical business decisions.

Also, it handles many other things apart from just this:

Clinical Trial Management:

No need to waste your time and resources in analyzing the efficacy of a drug. ERP can set formulations, schedule trials, and provide you a detailed report to make conclusions easier for you.

Latest Regulation and Trends Update:

You stay all the more updated with the latest trends and regulations with the smart SAP B1 ERP system. Also, the complete information on customer data renders you greater opportunities to grow and innovate better.

360 Degree Visibility on Processes:

With smart and robust SAP B1 at the place, you can monitor all business processes from any time anywhere. An integrated business eliminated all kinds of miscommunication among departments and multiple branches and enables efficient workflow

Simplified Processes:

Talking again about the pharma company that we discussed earlier realized a remarkable difference in the processes. One of the major challenges for them included the change in the MRP of the drug. With ERP at a place, they were able to change the MRP of complete batches overnight with the efficiency that no other software could do.

So that was all about the alarming signs for Pharma ERP software in your business. So, what are you waiting for, contact today’s best ERP software companies in Delhi NCR and get closer to a successful pharma business?

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