The majority of industries, including the travel industry, have gone digital in the last ten years. Using the discount coupons provided by these applications, one can quickly and easily book a room at a reasonable price with just a few clicks. Every time we want to take a break and travel, we all prefer to visit Agoda,, TripAdvisor, Airbnb, Expedia, and other booking websites. In this article, we’ll learn how to create a hotel booking app, as well as the price, features, and requirements for its creation.

In this article, we’ll find out how to develop a hotel booking app, as well as the price, features, and requirements for hotel app development.

Hotel booking app market share

The industry was severely impacted by the coronavirus outbreak in 2020, but by the end of 2022, it is anticipated to recover to 85% of its previous level. So now is the perfect time to release your hotel booking app and start making lots of money.

Smartphones account for 45% of OTA (Online Travel Agency) reservations. Website conversion rates are 5 times lower than those of mobile apps. Mobile apps are used to book hotels at the last minute in 80% of cases.

The e-travel sector generated over $800 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach the benchmark of $1464 billion with a CAGR of 10.58%. Aside from savings, there are many other advantages to booking a hotel online, including comparison shopping, rewards points, and reviews.

Hire a reputable on-demand app development company if you want to release your own mobile application.

The Advantages of Hotel App Development

Surpassing the opposition

The use of hotel apps is growing. This implies that if you haven’t already planned to create a hotel app for your company, chances are that your hotel’s growth will be muted. Building their own mobile application is a growing trend among hotel chains and individual businesses in an effort to increase customer acquisition and loyalty. Therefore, developing a hotel booking app is the only way for your company to differentiate itself from the competition and succeed.

Effective Communication Path

Hotel app development enables you to expand your company’s communication channels and respond quickly to client feedback and inquiries. In any industry, having more communication channels available to you is better for your company. The hotel business is also similar. As a result, you have a favorable effect on your clients, which eventually aids in enhancing the reputation of your hotel brand.

Superior Service Quality

Using a hotel app enables you to gather crucial feedback and learn more about patron behavior.

Even though the truth won’t always be pleasant, at least you’ll learn about any flaws in your hotel service and be able to fix them to raise the level of service. As a result, you’ll discover a lot about what current and potential guests think about your hotel’s services.

Three Ideas for Hotel Booking App Development

A hotel chain app

In contrast to typical hotel booking apps, these hotel apps typically have a completely different set of functionalities. For instance, a mobile app for a hotel chain lets customers make special requests while they’re there. Numerous well-known hotel chains, including Marriott, Hyatt, and others, frequently create this type of hotel app. That means if you run a hotel chain, you should only think about creating this kind of hotel booking app. Marriot BonVoy is the best illustration of this type of hotel app.

Aggregated hotel booking app

When a user selects the ideal hotel from the provided list, he or she is immediately forwarded to the appropriate platform for payment. A mobile platform that connects users to most online hotel booking services with a range of price options is what a hotel booking aggregation app essentially is. This type of hotel booking app is ideal for entrepreneurs who want to launch a mobile app in the hotel industry but do not own any hotel businesses. is the ideal illustration of this type of application.

Hybrid Hotel App

The hybrid hotel booking app development combines the features of the two previously mentioned categories. Small hotel business owners benefit the most from this type of app for hotels. Simply put, you can let customers book a room in a hotel that you own or from a list of online hotel booking services. First off, you’ll get a tonne of people to download your mobile app. Second, because a variety of travelers, not just your regular customers, will download your hotel reservation app, brand awareness for your hotel business will skyrocket. Actually, if you give it some serious thought, creating a hybrid hotel app makes more sense.

Cost of Hotel Booking App Development

The cost of app development depends on a number of variables. App developers’ nationality, complexity, development platform, tech stack, etc. are the main determinants of development cost. The average price to develop a hotel booking app ranges from $20,000 to $90,000. The cost of hiring an Indian app development company, on the other hand, is relatively low when compared to other options.

Options for Monetizing Hotel Apps

1 – Advertisements

The placement of advertisements in your hotel booking app can be very profitable because people spend a lot of money on vacations. Users can find local events, deals, and events with the assistance of advertisements. You can use additional income from Google Adsense or by getting in touch with other hoteliers and asking them to place their hotel advertisements in your mobile app.

2 – Commissions

 In this business model, you can make money by merely charging a hotel a commission for each visitor who reserved a hotel room using your mobile app. You can choose the commission business model if you don’t want to annoy users with advertisements. With this business strategy, you not only improve the user interface of your hotel app and entice more hotels to list their properties on your mobile app platform.


Hurry and have your hotel booking app development as soon as you can by the best app developers in the business if you want to take home huge profits. In the end, it is abundantly clear why developing an app for hotel bookings is profitable.

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