Everyone loves seeing their company become a brand. Everyone hustles to make their business websites at the top of search engines. Today, more than half of the audience is the public sitting online. It’s essential to be in front of them. Today everyone is juggling to make their websites at the top. Everything is done towards acquiring the top position on search engines, from hiring the best copywriter for their website to the Seo-based content writer. 

But do you know your website design consists of half of the SEO? It means your website design allocated your mark to the search engine. Many people think that website structure also has little importance when they start with a website. But in reality, website structure affects the SEO algorithm too. So here are four ways in which your website structure affects SEO  and your rank on search engines.

4 Points of Web Design’s Effect on SEO

1. URL Structure

URL is one of the most critical aspects of your website. URL structure may look like one of the most basic but one of the bases of SEO Newcastle. It is one of the most critical factors in SEO algorithms. Your domain and URL structure decide whether you will present to your target audience. Many website designers need to remember to add SEO elements to the URL. URL should consist of the best domain, an easy-to-read structure by the user, and consists of the primary keyword to attract the audience. URL is the building block of SEO, so make sure you give importance to URL structure. 


No one gives importance to all these small details. Still, all these small details become a big part of SEO algorithms and affect your position in search engines. HTTP ensures your website security. No one loves to go to unsafe websites. HTTP boosts your credibility by giving your consumers a sense of security in your website. There are almost 65% of websites which are using HTTPS. Https doesn’t only help you to crack SEO algorithms but also helps you with many things:

  1. It gives a better user experience to consumers
  2. It gives a sense of security to customers that their data is protected and safe
  3. You also can avail of AMP implementation, which is only enabled once you have HTTP security.
  4. It also helps you upgrade your data in google analytics.
  5. Internal linking

Internal linking has nowadays become important. If your audience wants to stay on your pages, you must make a labyrinth in your website. Navigation is essential on your website. Make sure your pages are interlinked together so that if someone wants to see something, they can see other related posts too. 

Many interlink different genres and niche articles together, breaking the SEO algorithm. According to the SEO algorithm, it should take only three clicks to find any given web page on your website. The website should have a clear search box with all the navigation details. Make sure each page is attached to the other by a link. It would be easier to crawl if your ages were linked together. 

Internal linking gives you a higher rank on search engines and maximizes the user experience of the audience landing on your website. Make sure all the content pieces, older and newer, are linked back together so once a user lands on your website, it is easy for them to operate it.

3. Duplicate Content

SEO doesn’t rank duplicate content on the website. Make sure your content is unique and non-plagiarised. Google search console is the best way to find duplicate content. SEO algorithms hate the same content, so make sure your website has unique pieces. Your audience is there to read a unique article. They want something different from what is already written somewhere else. Try to better the user experience and produce unique yet informative content for your website.

4. Speed and Performance

In the era of 5g, everything is non-stop. People need more patience. There are already thousands of competitors in the market. Make sure your website and images load faster so customers can start immediately. A slow website tests customers’ patience and gives the audience a bad user experience. So Seo algorithm ensures that the speed and performance are great if your website takes time so that it won’t show it to users.

So speed and performance are such critical points. Make sure you optimize your website and images to load faster and maximize user experience. 

Final Thoughts

Make sure your website is organized logically and most relevant for your visitors and organization for the most remarkable SEO results. Make sure the architecture is readable by search engines. Talk to your web developers while they are building it, not after. Planning forward for future material is crucial, even at the planning stages of a site.

The impact of website structure on SEO is clear to discern. Ensure your web page structure and appearance are in sync so that your SEO efforts start and end successfully!

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