The goal of the game Larry Birdle is to correctly identify the NBA player currently on the screen. The number of games per day is unlimited. Birdle, Larry Despite the fact that basketball Wordle is a simplified version of the original word game Wordle, both versions are widely known.

We’ll take you through the gameplay of Larry Birdle, including what happens in the game, how to download it, and why you should play Larry Birdle online.


The game was developed a few months ago by Queen’s University student Jacob Tepperman, who is enrolled in the Engineering Department.

Jacob is a former member and former referee of the North Toronto Basketball Association.

The game was developed because of a desire to make basketball a sport with purpose and to get younger people interested in basketball as a sport. The game’s inventor is now accepting monetary donations.

The Game Play of Larry Birdle

When you first enter the site, you’ll be greeted by a message asking you to guess the mystery NBA player! The most important and obvious difference between Poeltl and Larry Birdle is the fact that there is no daily limit on how many times you can play. Poeltl only features one player each day for fans to predict, but Larry Birdle lets you try your luck with one player at a time in “practise” mode, which is currently one of the three available options on the site. You can play the Larry Birdle game every day, as often as you want and for as long as you want.

We will show you how to play the Larry Birdle Game and give you some suggestions to improve your skills. This guessing game is more difficult than the original word, and we will show you how to play it so you can beat it. This game is relatively easy to play. The goal is to identify the NBA player with a maximum of eight guesses. Once you figure out the answer to this puzzle, you can post it on your social networks for all your friends to see!

  • You have the task to identify the player by his silhouette.
  • Choose a player to check if you have the right information about his team, conference, league, position, height, and number.
  • Each day a different word related to basketball is chosen, and the goal of the participants is to correctly identify the word within eight possibilities.

Step By Step Process

You do not need an account or registration to play this word game; both are unnecessary. This game can be played for free in a browser on a mobile device or a PC. All the instructions you need to play the Larry Birdle word puzzle can be found here:

  • Start the Larry Birdle game from the official website, which you can find at
  • You will see that on the screen there is a blank field where you are supposed to enter the name of an NBA basketball player.
  • You have eight tries; choose any active NBA player as the answer!
  • If a column is colored green, there is a match!
  • The yellow color in the team column means that the player in question used to play for that team, but currently does not.
  • The yellow color in the position column indicates that the mystery player’s position is somewhat of a match.
  • The color yellow in any other column indicates that the value in question is within two (the unit you used) of the mystery player.
  • If you get stuck, try activating silhouette mode!
  • Every day a different unknown player!

Pro tip: You have the option of using filters to narrow down the list of players before loading a silhouette to guess. These criteria include starter only; position (guard, forward, or center); division (you have the option to choose as many of the six divisions as you like); and team (you can load as many or as few teams as you like). You can also activate “Dalano Mode” by pressing the button at the very bottom of the screen. Your wrong answers, such as “Nah, buddy”, will be even funnier this way.

Rules of Larry Birdle

  • You can only guess eight times in NBA Mysterio: Larry Burdle before you have to name a player from the National Basketball Association. Every time you try to name your player, he will give you advice and tips. Here are some examples:
  • Your encyclopedic knowledge of the NBA roster, as well as what the players (and their hairstyles) look like, or at least what it looks like on their NBA page when the photo shoot in question is done, will be tested to the fullest by Larry Birdle.
  • In practice mode, you can get an outline of a player by clicking the “View Silhouette” button, and then enter your first guess.
  • Imagine that you have determined that the player in question is LaMelo Ball of the Charlotte Hornets, and you have entered his name. If you guessed correctly, that means you got it right on the first tryout of a total of eight – very good job!
  • All of your predictions about the player’s size, age, and number are within two points of the mystery player’s actual stats.
  • The team, conference, and league the player plays for are all correct assumptions you made.


  • You get to guess eight times per day
  • If there is a match, the color green will appear in any column.
  • One of the clues in this column is the yellow hue.
  • If you get stuck, you can switch to silhouette mode.
  • Here you can see a different unknown player every day!
  • After you finish the given time for the day, you can not play any other game if you are using a Larry Birdle game.
  • If you want to learn how players can participate in Infinite Trials, keep reading this post and we will walk you through the steps.
  • It’s very important that you figure it out within eight tries since the objective of the game is to identify the NBA player before you can not guess anymore.


For NBA fans who also like mental stimulation through guessing games, Larry Birdle is a must.

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