Instagram is a social media platform used to connect with people, family, and friends. Business owners and organizations also use Instagram to promote their businesses and products. Millions of people globally use Instagram and have registered their profiles.

Many account owners are addicted to the social media platform to the extent that they’re curious about:

  • Their friends’ posts and likes count.
  • ¬†How to see someones most liked instagram post.
  • The number of views videos posted by their friends have gotten.
  • How many followers they have and so on.

How to see someones most liked Instagram Post

The problem of how to see someones most-liked Instagram post is something many account owners have not solved.

Most users must have seen photos with a million likes. They just need to scroll to the poster’s page to check out how many people liked, commented, and tagged it.

Although it’ll be a bit difficult if you have to check a profile with thousands of posts. However, software developers have paved the way to check out people’s most liked posts. The developers have developed various digital tools for this purpose.

One of such tools is called Gram Wiki, a free-of-charge tool that is easy to use. Gram Wiki is used to check people’s Instagram profiles. Gram Wiki’s downside is that it is solely used to check out public profiles. Gram Wiki doesn’t work on a profile that is set In private mode.


  • To use Gram Wiki, go to Gram Wiki’s website.
  • There is a search box on the website.
  • Put in the username you want to look into.
  • Click search.
  • After submitting the username, Gram Wiki will utilize Instagram’s Application Programming Interface to filter out all necessary data linked to the profile. The data is stored on Instagram’s servers. Gram Wiki will then retrieve the stored data in no time.
  • Gram Wiki will display the profile you want when it gets the corresponding data. It will display how many followers the profile has and vice versa.
  • Similarly, Gram Wiki will display the post counts available on the profile. You can also view the number of shares on the posts.
  • Once you’ve discovered these displays, check out the followers’ list of the profile. From there, view the active followers the profile has.
  • Move to the lower left side of the display. That is where you can view posts that have the highest likes. Move to the lower right side of the display. That is where you can view posts that have the highest comments. Choose the side of the display you want to see what you are searching for.
  • If you want to return to the search page of Gram Wiki, simply move your mouse to the display’s lowest side. Then go to the search box. Gram Wiki will display profiles that are trending on the search list.
  • It’s also possible to view profiles with a high number of views on the search box of Gram Wiki. You just need to know their usernames.

How to See Who Saved Your Instagram Post

Many techniques are available online for those who want to know how to see who saved your Instagram post. Instagram account owners are curious about the interactions that go on their accounts. They are eager to know their likes, shares, views, or comments counts. The knowledge will help them to adjust their content to fit in with what the audience wants. This knowledge is vital for business owners who use their posts to reach a wide audience. If their posts lack engagement, customers will not show interest. Furthermore, the business will generate small profits because of little patronage.

However, if their posts have attracted many profiles, the post will get lots of likes, comments, views, and shares. When numerous users share the posts, they will reach a wider audience. Potential customers will catch a glimpse of the shared posts and check out the original accounts that made such posts.

Moreover, technology has made it easy to see the number of saves a post has. However, profiles set on personal mode do not have the authority to check the number of saved posts. Therefore, they must change their profiles from personal to business profiles.

Instagram prohibits personal profiles from checking out the number of posts saved. Instagram strictly guards the privacies of personal accounts owners. Hence, you can’t learn the identity of users who save your posts. However, you can move your profile from a personal one to a business one. Only then will you see the save count of your posts.

How to Move to A Business Profile

  • Account owners should go to their profiles, settings
  • They should select the account switching options available. Thereafter, they should click to make the change.
  • Instagram will ask them to sign in to their Facebook accounts. Then, it’ll link the accounts they want to switch to their Facebook accounts.
  • Their instagram data will be linked with their Facebook account.
  • After the two different social media profiles are linked, account owners should check their Instagram profiles. They will notice that their profiles are no longer in personal profile modes. Instead, their profiles have been turned into business profiles.
  • The next step is for account holders to proceed to their changed profiles. Then they should view their insights to review their accounts’ activities.

How to Hack an Instagram Account

Are you curious about how to hack an Instagram account? You are not alone. There are others who want to learn how to do this. They might want to do so for several reasons, both legal and illegal. Some want to know how to see someone’s most-liked post on Instagram. Or to impersonate the owner of the account, and so on. Whatever the reason you have for asking how to hack an Instagram account, it’s better not to learn it. Otherwise, you might get in trouble for that.

How to Remove a Remembered Account on Instagram

You might have an old account you want to get rid of because it contains your personal information. This account might have your pictures, email address, house address that you want the public to have access to.

The best thing is to completely remove the account. It is easy if you remember the old account’s username.

Tips on how to remove a remembered account on Instagram:

  • Go to your profile, then your account settings
  • Click on security and privacy
  • Go to where your login information is stored
  • Switch off your login information. Confirm the switch off
  • It will display a remove icon. Click on it to remove the account.


While you are learning How to see someone’s most-liked post on Instagram, respect that person’s privacy. Do not invade the person’s privacy on Instagram.

Also, it is safer to remove an old account you are no longer using to protect your privacy.

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