Mayur Rele, a cybersecurity geek and cloud automation leader, with extensive experience in overseeing global technology, security, and cloud infrastructure across different verticals provides how you can kick start your career in ethical hacking.

Cybercrimes continue to rise at an alarming rate making ethical hacking to become more and more important. Governments and organizations alike are faced with the reality that the protection of their systems goes beyond the imputing of passwords. They just have to come up with hack preventing tactics, and leveraging of several technologies before they fall victim to the black hat hackers.

Ethical hacking becomes the way out to prevent hackers from carrying out their malicious activities. If you are thinking of becoming a certified ethical hacker, you have made a smart career choice and a lucrative one at that. It is one of the highly sought after job as government agencies and business organizations are always on the lookout for experts that can ensure maximum protection of their network.

 Here, Mayur Rele important things you need to know to learn ethical hacking from basics.

What is ethical hacking?

Ever the heard the saying “ only a thief can catch a thief” this can be said of ethical hacking…in a good way. Ethical hackers think like black hat hackers yet secure computer systems like a security expert. This isn’t about cracking of passwords or stealing of information, ethical hackers intrude an IT system or devices, and checkout for any loopholes or vulnerabilities, or threats, to ensure it is not exploited by malicious hackers. This is, of course, carried out with the permission of the owner and the aim is to strengthen the security and prevent incidents or attacks. Ethical hacking is also sometimes referred to as penetration testing, intrusion testing, or red teaming.

How can you learn ethical hacking from the basics?

To get started, here are some vital points you need to understand to get you started in this promising career.hacking

Avail of different materials:

Understand the concepts of hacking, there are abundant resources of materials available whether as books, online or even youtube that you can make use of. Moreover, there are schools, or online courses, and even companies offering different programs in ethical hacking.  “Do some researches to ensure you go for the high-quality ones as there are tons of materials available that might be wrong or outdated?  Although quality ones can be quite expensive, there are some that offer special deals and discounts for their courses.” Mayur Rele advises.

Understand the skills required:

To become an ethical hacking expert, you need to have the required skills, attain a certain educational level, and a certain level of work experience. Once you have started, you will need to keep abreast of the new technologies, trends, new vulnerabilities, techniques, and tactics. Here are both technical and soft skills required:

  • An ethical hacker must understand programming, have Computer Networking Skills, Database skills, Linux skills, cryptography, and digital forensics.
  • An ethical hacker needs to be creative, have a lot of patience, persistence, perseverance, and should be able to solve problems.ethical hacking Maur

Be on guard 

There are a lot of illegal and unethical going on in the internet world and some of them will even promise to teach you how to learn to hack. While looking out for which course to sign up for, be careful of these unethical hackers as they can easily disguise as white hat hackers to prey on newcomers.

Is ethical hacking hard to learn?

Although it might not come as easy, it might be wrong to say learning ethical hacking is difficult considering one’s level of interest and educational background. Ethical hacking is a technical job and there is a lot of prep work that goes into it. You do not only need to think like a hacker, you need to have both technical and soft skills.

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cyber security expert and cloud automation leader, has extensive experience in overseeing global technology, security and cloud infrastructure in healthcare, e-commerce and technology companies.


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