ExtraTorrent is just one of the best torrent websites, where we could download our favorite websites, games, and applications. If anybody would like to download their preferred content, they can easily hunt and receive from this torrent site. But somehow, as a result of illegal piracy problems, the Extratorrents is obstructed and can not be obtained by anybody. So, individuals search for a few methods to get this tremendous torrenting website. These Extra Torrent Unblocked Mirror Sites allows the consumer to acquire precisely the same site but on another domain name and host.

People mainly use this platform because it supplies High-definition films which can not be availed from some other programs. However, the torrents aren’t regarded as legal that is why they get blocked. If you are hooked on this beautiful platform, you can feel frustrated as you may be unable to get the official Extratorrent site, Right? However, there’s always hope in all and everything here also. Yeah, we’re here with a few Extratorrent Proxy Websites, which could allow you to input your favorite platform with no additional issues.

Why are Extratorrents banned?

The majority of the torrents are banned in several countries, such as the USA, due to piracy. It’s one of these websites which provides the information to the people that are pirated without requiring any consent. Thus, authorities and the ISP blocked these sites within their region. However, the sites aren’t entirely obstructed; they’ve only been banned in a specific nation or area. They may be retrieved in the place where they’re nevertheless not blocked.

How to Get Blocked ExtraTorrents with no VPNs?

But If you do not feel comfortable with the VPNs afterward, there are various other ways also. There are a number of Mirror sites of this Extra Torrent which have the same design and information encryption. It’s possible to start Extratorrent from those Proxy websites. These proxies are hosted on the servers of those nations where Extratorrents continue to be accessible, and the nation’s authorities do not obstruct them.

Many Internet users that love entertainment are hooked too much for torrents. Why? The rationale is quite easy. They supply the video and movies with high quality, which we can not get from any other site. We’ve shared with the Pirate Bay Proxy before, which is likewise a tremendous torrenting site. This moment, we’re back with a few quickest functioning Extra Torrent Proxy Websites that are shared through this report.

ExtraTorrent Proxy & Unblocked Mirror Sites List

It’s very difficult to come across the working Mirror websites and proxies of all ExtraTorrents. So, here we’ve attracted lots of proxies that you are able to utilize. In case one or more one of these websites does not operate, you can attempt a different one. All these websites are analyzed by us and they’re working fine.

ExtraTorrent Mirror Sites Status Speed
https://extratorrent.ag/ Active Average
https://extratorrent.bypassed.bz/ Active Very Fast
https://extratorrent.cool/ Active Fast
https://extratorrent.unblocker.cc/ Active Very Fast
https://extratorrents.ch/ Active Fast
https://extratorrents.unblockall.org/ Active Very Fast
https://filesdownloader.com Active Very Fast
https://freeanimesonline.com Active Very Fast
https://sitenable.pw Active Fast
https://sitenable.top/ Active Very Fast

These were a few of those Unblocked Mirror Websites that permit you to get your favorite torrents, i.e., ExtraTorrent. In this list, we’ve added just those sites that are functioning and have a high browsing speed. However, here you’ll become only torrents with quickest connection speed.


These sites don’t contain too many ads, and they give a fantastic user experience. You’ll undoubtedly receive the outcome which you’ve anticipated on the ExtraTorrents first site. We’re not encouraging Piracy through any sort.

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