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Technology for Rapid Tooling China, Rapid Prototyping China. Rapid tooling, sometimes known as prototype tooling or bridge tooling, is a fast and cost-efficient way to carry out low-volume injection molding for a variety of types of plastic parts. Once the aluminum or steel mold has been created with the rapid tooling process, it can be utilized as part of a molding process to create multiple copies of a part. Rapid tooling is therefore used to create moldings for rapid prototyping needs in a shortened timeframe, or to bridge the gap before high-volume production. Plastic Injection Mold China, Custom Mold Components China, Rapid Prototyping China, Plastic Injection Tooling China, Plastic Injection Molding, Die Casting, as well as Metal Stamping. Low-Volume CNC Machining & Turning As one of our core services, WeLink is equipped with 50+ CNC milling machines and 30+ CNC turning machines to meet our clients’ low volume CNC machining requests. Our frequently-used metal includes Alumium 7075 -T6, 6061; SS316, SS304, etc. and support with nutural, color or hard anodizing etc surface finishing. Tolerance can meet ISO 2768-f, ISO 2768-m, ISO 2768-mK. Low-Volume Injection Molding This is a feature service in WeLink. We make rapid tooling or prototype mold using fast-made metal like 7075 or 1.1730 to finish mold in 3-7 days then injection molding 500-1000 units plastic parts in 1-3 days.

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